In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

End of the Colombian ‘Marginal’ gives Amazon new lease on biodiversity

A mega highway project designed to unite Venezuela with Ecuador through the Colombian Amazon has been scrapped to save threatened biodiversity.

Gallery: “Semana Santica” in Mompox

Before the start of Holy Week across Colombia, the colonial town on Mompox celebrates Semana Santico, a week-long religious festival in which children lead the processions.

Doña Felisa: The last ceramist of the Guanes

A 90-year old artisan from Guane, Santander, is the last member of an indigenous community to elaborate pre−Columbian pottery.

Climate Change: Women Will Save the World

Ensuring ideas and perspectives of women are a part of climate policy decisions will deliver greater successes and unique solutions to one of the greatest challenges we face.

Venezuelan migrants face hardships on Cartagena’s streets

More than half a million Venezuelans have crossed into Colombia fleeing the economic and political collapse of the Nicolás Maduro regime. Cities across Colombia are receiving migrants, but work opportunities are scare.

Colombia: Failed infrastructure and the “optimist” of our roads

The collapse of one of Colombia's Fourth Generation road engineering marvels, the Chirajara bridge, reveals an urgency to examine this country's infrastructure.

Colombia’s legendary forests and a few mythical creatures

Colombia has plenty of pristine forest to conjure one's imagination. Several of them, even have mythical beasts.

Colombia’s Navy plans to establish permanent base on Antarctica

The Colombian Navy is heading to earth's southernmost continent to conduct scientific research on climate change. The Armada plans to establish a permanent base on Antarctica.

Alejandro Muñoz: Investigator of Colombia’s missing persons

A former humorist with a popular television show has dedicated more than two decades to finding missing persons in Colombia.

Can the regal Crax Alberti survive Colombia’s peace?

The internal conflict may have saved the Blue-billed Currassow from extinction, but the challenge ahead is to give this species a fighting chance at survival.

La Batea: A visual testament of informal gold mining in Colombia

A book documenting small scale gold mining in Colombia offers an honest look at an ancient industry.

Colombia’s modern orchid traffickers

Colombia is the top location for orchids in the world, but about 50 percent of the native orchids are threatened by logging and illegal extraction by materos.

A Christmas in Boyacá without Great Uncle Günter

Finding a lost relative in the Boyacá mountains was a Christmas wish come true for Anja. But Great Uncle Günter, exiled from his native Germany, had his share of secrets.

Mystery on a Colombian mountain: the story of Señorita María

María Luisa Fuentes is the protagonist of a documentary by director Rubén Mendoza that follows the everyday trials of being a gender fluid person in a remote region of Colombia.

Herbin Hoyos: Behind the ‘Voices’ of Hope

After 23 years of broadcasting to persons held captive, journalist Herbin Hoyos has no intention of ending his historic program, known globally as ‘Voices of the Kidnapped.’

On the trail of Colombia’s “Jaguar Corridor”

The Serranía de San Lucas is a vital corridor for the jaguar's survival, but illegal gold mining and mercury contamination threatens this endangered species.

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