In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

Enrique Parejo

Surviving ‘Pablo’

Enrique Parejo endured the slaughter of colleagues during the M-19 attack on the Palace of Justice and survived an assassination attempt by Pablo Escobar.
Anandita Basu

20 Questions: La ‘Anandita’

Anandita Basu teaches her students how to shake a leg. The director of Fundación Kalakendra is enriching ties between her native India and Colombia.
Angelika Helberger Frobenius

Helberger, Colombia’s pioneer of aviation

Angelika Helberger left post-war Germany for Colombia where she became the first female commercial pilot in the Americas.
Valeriano Lanchas

Valeriano Lanchas: the baritone from Bogotá

With back to back performances lined up well into next year, Bogotá native Valeriano Lanchas is quickly becoming Colombia's biggest opera star.

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