In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

Piangua hunters patrol the swamps of the Colombian Pacific looking for the delicacy.

Women of the swamps

Thousands of women in Pacific communities works the swamps looking for the mollusk delicacy known as piangua.
Colombian artist Monika Bravo

20 Questions: Monika Bravo

Monika Bravo is a multi-disciplinary artist whose use of photographic engravings leads viewers through emotional landscapes.
Colombian industrial designer Alberto Mantilla

20 Questions: designing Héroes

Industrial designer Alberto Mantilla's works are world famous, and he led the Los Héroes monument renovation.

Rockets and the damned

French Guyane is an outpost of European civility in South America, home to rocket scientists and a notorious prison colony.
Panche artwork

The lost Panches

Angel Martinéz dedicated 20 years to looking for traces of the lost Panche culture, which flourished in the Magdalena valley.
One Laptop per Child

Educating the world

One Laptop per Child connects children in the remotest areas in order to improve lives through education.
An Embera shaman by Benjamin Guez

Searching for the shaman

In retrospect, a chance run-in with a shaman in Chocó may have saved Benjamin Guez from a nastier bout of malaria.
Amazon River boats by Juan Paulo Vargas

Casement and Colombia

Sir Roger Casement exposed the injustices of the rubber trade in the Amazon before meeting an untimely end.
Bird illustrator Miles McMullen

The illustrator of birds

An accomplished artist, the lifelike paintings of Miles McMullan are key to novice and professional birders.
Baudillo Cuama, marimba maker

The marimba maker

Baudillo Cuama, a performer and producer of marimbas, explains the instrument's significance to Afro and Pacific culture.
Milton Coleman, Senior Editor at The Washington Post

20 Questions: on the news

Milton Coleman, Senior Editor at The Washington Post talks journalism, Latin America and freedom of expression.
Professor Malcolm Deas by Piers Calvert

Colombia by Deas

From Oxford to creating the Latin American Centre, Malcolm Deas helped shape an understanding of Colombia's history.
Fernando Trujillo

Dolphin man

Fernando Trujillo, winner of the 2007 Whitley Prize, leads initiatives in the Colombian Amazon to help save river dolphins.
Dione and Paul Gervis

20 Questions: 50 years later

Celebrating half a century in Colombia, Dione and Paul Gervis made a commitment to a lifestyle and friends in the tropics.
Alex von Loebell, founder of BioPlaza

20 Questions: green destiny

Alex von Loebell came to Colombia to help the family farm. Now he runs BioPlaza, health food stores leading a food revolution.
Toto la Momposina

Voice of Colombia

One of Colombia's most recognized musicians, Totó la Momposina is a link between the nation's cultural past and future.