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Salad by Charles Haynes
Salad by Charles Haynes

The path of culinary delights can at times de treacherous, especially if one doesn’t always know the origin of the foods which are served. However, one restaurant in the city, Suna, is going through a great effort to educate customers by serving only 100 percent organically-grown products.

Taking its name from a word in muisca – the language used in the region in prehispanic days – meaning ‘the natural way,’ this smart, upscale and lofty restaurant in Rosales offers a dining experience in which everything on the premises is prepared and cooked with natural ingredients.  “People associate health food with being drab,” claims Mauricio Parra, a partner in Suna. “Here you will taste what a real tomato tastes like.”

Suna’s commitment to the environment does not stop with the menu. The restaurant also has an area dedicated to gourmet health foods and a deli in which customers can purchase cereals, nuts and perishables such as organically-grown onions and lettuce, all arranged in baskets.

Don’t expect to have your groceries bagged at Suna. Plastic here is politically incorrect and the restaurant sells ‘totes’ in order that you can return with your bag for another round of personalized shopping.

As we set out to discover the pleasures of eating healthily, we selected several dishes from the menu. The steamed filet of white fish on a bed of rice and accompanying diced vegetables was well prepared. We sample the tender grilled chicken breast with ratatouille and one of the restaurants most sought-after dishes. The trout with wild onions and oven-baked potatoes shows an attention to detail without falling in the trap of pretention.

The restaurant has a modern, uplifting feel to it and is popular with executives working in the Calle 72’s financial hub. It is also located in an area of the city where fast food joints proliferate, but Suna is a welcome health food option for dining without gouging too deeply into one’s wallet. The average price per plate is $30,000 pesos. So we recommend heading to Suna, now rather than later.


Calle 71 No. 4-47

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