Vegetarian and Vegan

Reviews and dining suggestions for vegetarian and vegan food in Bogotá, Colombia.

Plant-based: The green future of food in Bogotá

A plant-based lifestyle is catching on in Bogotá after the celebrated chef Matthew Kenny launched his first restaurant in the city called Makeout.

The kindest kitchen of the day

Two entrepreneurs opened a kitchen to prepare food that makes us feel good physically and mentally. Best of all, the dishes are creative and can be delivered to your desk.

Some veritable vegetarian restaurant options in Bogotá

Many vibrant places are incorporating no-meat dishes on the menu. Here a sampling of looking for some “green” in Bogotá.

Bogotá restaurants for living la vida vegan

Bogotá’s vegan restaurants are riding a very green wave this year as more clients choose the non- meat option.
Salad by Charles Haynes

Suna than later

For purely organic ingredients and healthy preparations that never sacrifice flavor, try Suna in the Rosales neighborhood.

Anything but meat

For vegetarians, vegans or those simply tired of meat-based menus, try these veggie-centric restaurants.