At Agave Azul

The Mexican restaurant Agave Azul shows Chef Navarro's passion for passionfruit and peppers.
The Mexican restaurant Agave Azul shows Chef Navarro's passion for passionfruit and peppers.

The glass jars filled with different chili stacked on the bar offers a glimpse of the spices and flavours at Agave Azul. The unpretentious La Macarena neighborhood restaurant excels in traditional Mexican recipes with a contemporary twist. Named after the blue Mexican cactus from which tequila is harvested, Agave Azul is one of many international eateries which make up this barrio’s exciting restaurant scene.

We start off lunch with an expertly-prepared chilled jalapeño and pineapple margarita. It’s got a nice twist! The mango and classic margaritas go down easily and are the right strength: Not too strong, not too weak.

The flavors unfold and we start-off a gastronomic journey with truffle corn huitlacoche dumplings. Huitlacoche being the silvery grey fungus which grows organically on corn kernels and has a mild, subtle flavor. One of many unusual ingredients shipped in from Mexico and used by chef Tatiana Navarro, a food philosopher turned restaurant owner. Chunky guacamole with pieces of red pepper and onion follow prepared and served in a volcanic rock stone dish, with warm tortillas on the side.

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Agave Azul is intimate to bring your other half. It’s also popular with foreigners looking for a departure from Colombian cuisine. The décor is bright and minimalist. The colorful walls are befitting to this five table informal venue. On a second floor, there’s a cozy bar and lounge area.

Navarro’s gastronomy is all word of mouth. There is no printed menu at Agave Azul,  just a “tasting” one based on that inherent system of trust between client and chef. A lunch for two goes between $60,000 and $80,000 pesos.

Having worked in Mexican market stalls and restaurant hopped from New York to Chicago, Tatiana knows her peppers and Mexican recipes. A tender beef cooked over seven hours comes covered in a rich passionfruit sauce and blend of various spices and dried peppers. There is a ceviche of salmon in Habanero sauce, as well as a white tilapia filet served on a bed of peppers and spicy coleslaw.

Agave Azul shows experience in the kitchen and a very authentic approach to Mexican food.  It’s a restaurant where the owner knows her clients and more often than not, their culinary inclinations. As all  dishes are prepared and cooked for your pleasure, it’s not a rushed affair. So take your time, budget for that extra margarita and an afternoon of fine gastronomy.

Cra 4A No.26B-22

Tel: 2826349 (Closed Monday)



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