Dining with Dante at Bogotá’s Divina Comedia

Divina Comedia Bogota
One of Bogotá's hottest new Italian restaurants, Divina Comedia offers authentic Italian at reasonable prices.

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ounded by chef Sergio Martin to honour to the recipes of his “nonna” Signora Luisa and the gastronomic gusto of an uncle of sorts to him, and Italian restaurateur who made his mark in Manizales, Bruno Colombia, Divina Comedia must be relished in parts, not unlike the lusty masterpiece of poet Dante Alighieri.

We begin with the earthy, physical approach to gastronomy. A cured Bresaola plate with rugula and grated parmesan ($19,000). The stage is set for a pairing with an Masi Valpolicella.

Divina Comedia is a restaurants which beat the odds. During lunch hours it is an obligatory stop for those who work in the office towers of the Calle 72 and the city’s bustling financial district. But at night, it’s tends to be a more laid back. Chandeliers glows against a backdrop of framed sepia pictures recreating the cozy atmosphere of an Roman tavern.. The lasagna loving lawyers of midday disppear into the night are replaced by couples carefully selecting their wines and enjoy a plate of chef Sergio Martin’s signature home made pasta.

Divina Comedia Trattoria is a favorite for those who have a real appreciation for Italian in starting with pretentious prices for a bowl of pasta a la Bolognese. Divina Comedia is priced affordably and main dishes range between $28,000 to $40,000. The restaurant gets consitently high marks for its attention to freshness, its home style pasta sauses, the courtesy of its wait staff and Martin’s take on tortelloni, such as the lobster filled Tortelloni D’Argosta. For those who crave an authentic risotto, there are at least a dozen varieties to choose from including a Milanese ($30,000) and a squid-ink arborio known as: Rossonero.

I found no purgertory at Divina Comedia. To reach towards the sweet divine aftertaste, we ordered tiramusu and a serving of fragole al blasamico e gelato – strawberries in a blasamic glaze and ice cream ($10,500). After we polished off the wine and a cup of expresso, it was time to venture out into out own Dantesque streets. Divina Comedia is welcome player in the universe of taste and pleasure which makes Italian dining, so Italian.

Calle 71 No.5-93


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