American food in Bogotá, with restaurant and dining reviews for the best burgers, steaks, barbecue and American-style food in Colombia's capital.

Eighty Six: A Bogotá speakeasy where cocktails do the talking

A “speakeasy” in Quinta Camacho serves one of a kind cocktails by master mixologist and founder Gonzalo Marín.

A Thanksgiving survival guide for that last-minute holiday dinner

For Thanksgiving there are places to find the traditional bird, as well as all the stuffing. Bogotá is full of surprises for the expat missing home.
The Market at JW Marriot Bogotá

The Market serves high-end comfort food 24 hours

The Market offers customizable dining options around the clock, making it a novelty in Bogotá, where many restaurants close early.

Best Bogotá burgers of 2015

In an increasingly crowded burger market, we present another installment of our best Bogotá burger ranking.
Interior of La Fama restaurant in Bogotá.

La Fama: In Bogotá, Texas

La Fama puts a Colombian touch on the time-tested tradition of a Texas barbecue.
The basement dining room of the Ugly American.

The ‘Ugly American’

Perserving American culinary traditions and historical cocktails makes the ‘Ugly American’ the talk of this gastronomy town.
View of the Upper Side dining room.

Table at Upper Side

From fascinating Gins and to insatiable cheesecake, Upper Side is a very New York dining experience.
The pure beef patties of Sierra Nevada are an honest lunch option for hamburger lovers.

The ‘Sierra’ burger

Lunch or dinner, the beef patties of Sierra Nevada are a welcome addition to those looking for an affordable hamburger.
A classic restaurant in Chico stays true to its menu of barbecue, sandwiches and salads.

Classic, Cactus

This restaurant in Chicó has stayed true to a menu of barbecue, salads and sandwiches for three decades.
La Mina revolves around exotic salts and earthy flavors, taking decor cues from the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira.

La Mina: flavor runs deep

La Mina revolves around exotic salts and earthy flavors, taking decor cues from the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira.
Gordo Restaurant in Bogotá by K.P. Attman

A taste of the U.S.A.

For those searching for familiar tastes or an introduction to U.S. cuisine, don't miss these ultimate examples of Gringo gastronomy.
Restaurante Armadillo Bogotá

Steady, assured Armadillo

Rosales restaurant Armadillo combines the best of Californian cuisine with authentic Colombian flavours.
El Comedor restaurant in Bogotá

Comfort at El Comedor

El Comedor in the Rosales neighborhood, offers fresh twists on comfort food in a cozy locale and won't bust your wallet.