BogotAuctions set to host fourth major art event


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Bogotá-based auction house, BogotAuctions, will host their second art auction event of the year on November 3rd at the El Nogal Club (Carrera 7 No. 78-96). It will be their fourth auction since they launched in 2014.

During the days leading up to this important cultural happening, all works will be exhibited at Cero Gallery (Calle 81 No. 12-55) as on auction day you’ll only get a chance to see the impressive collection of modern and contemporary art projected on a large screen while the auctioneer takes bids.

The members of BogotAuctions – Benjamin Creutzfeld, Camilo Chica, José Dario Guttiérez, Timothée de Saint-Albin and Charlotte Pieri – were able to get from private collections works by some of the big names in the Colombian and Latin American art world, including a 1965 Leopoldo Richter “Maternidad” (Approx USD $6,000), a 1990s Armando Villegas (USD $12,500 – 14,500), an oil on canvas watermelon by Ana Mercedes Hoyos (USD $35,000 – 45,000), an oil on wood painting of horses in the Sabana de Bogotá by Andrés de Santamaría (Approx USD $27,000 – 32,000).

For contemporary Colombian art collectors, there are works by John Castles, Carlos Jacanamijoy, Lucy Tejada, David Manzur, Alejandro Obregón, Gustavo Zalamea, Jaime Franco, Danilo Dueñas, Franklin Aguirre, Luis Luna among many others.

BogotAuctions has devoted considerable time and effort in establishing Bogotá as a place where auctions can deliver on unique works for those wanting to expand private collections. While the city is home to many traditional art exhibition spaces, BogotAuctions, manages to deconstruct the busy arts scene, by using professional criteria in its selection and pricing process.

It has also expanded its online presence and the El Nogal auction will be streamed live on to those who want to bid from overseas or simply remain out of sight on auction night.

There are 68 artists represented with works in various mediums which include an Antonio Caro poster “En Cali todo está muy caro”; a charcoal etching by Enrique Grau “Retrato de Ilva”; a rather humorous photo sequence “Pablo y los Stones” by digital artist and photographer Luciano Denver, as well as a colourful tableau of Post-It stickers by sculptor, Carlos Blanco.

The symmetrical work of folded newspapers which appear as “Tree Rings” by Miler Lagos is eye-catching and a “must have” in any contemporary Latin American art collection.

To get the full scope of what will hit the auctioneer’s gavel and the specifications of each Lot, visit the house’s website:

The event begins at 8:00pm and those interested in bidding must register first with the organization online at


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