Colombia issues Bicentenary commemorative $10,000 coin


Colombia’s Banco de la República – Central Bank – has issued a $10,000 pesos commemorative coin of the country’s Bicentennial of Independence inspired by a mint that circulated between 1813 and 1826.

The silver-colored coin made from an alloy of copper and nickle will circulate as of October 4. The original coin that inspired the new mint was known as “la india” or “la china,” and depicted back in 1813, the profile of an indigenous woman in feathered headdress. The profile was accompanied by the words Americana Libertad (American Freedom).

On the flip side of the coin is the emblem of New Granada with the name of the former Spanish colony replaced with REPÚBLICA DE COLOMBIA, 2019. The coin is 3.5 cm wide, and has a face value of $10,000 pesos. The legal tender can use the coin for all commercial transactions. The limited-issue currency can be purchased in Bogotá at the Bank’s Treasury office (Calle 13 No.35-25), as well as branches and cultural entities of the Banco de la República in the country.


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