Bogotá Chamber of Commerce opens Center of Entrepreneurship

Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá

The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce (CCB), opened the city/region hub of the Center for Entrepreneurship, and project in association with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). During an event at the Ágora Convention Center, regional business leaders and representatives of Latin American Chambers of Commerce attended the launch, as well as  some 300 entrepreneurs.

Following the establishment of similar entrepreneurship hubs in Accra, Beirut, Buenos Aires, Casablanca, Istanbul, Jakarta, Lagos and Nairobi, the Bogotá addition will be managed by INNOVALAB, the Business Innovation, and Design Centre of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce.

The Center will promote business activity in Bogotá, and wider region, contributing to the city’s reputation as the “Entrepreneurship Capital” of Latin America. According to Start-up Blink 2022, Bogotá is the city with the most start-ups in Colombia, ranking in the top 100 worldwide in e-commerce, retail technology and transportation technology.

Nicolás Uribe, Executive President of the CCB said that establishing an ICC Center of Entrepreneurship in the capital was paramount and “validates the role of the entrepreneur as a relevant actor in society, helping also to boost the economic reactivation of the country in the post-pandemic. “That is why our actions are especially aimed at micro and small companies that make up the 97% of all businesses,” he said.

Attending the Bogotá launch, ICC Secretary General John Denton highlighted that  the “newest Center of Entrepreneurship enables entrepreneurs, smaller business and start-ups to build the capacity and networks they need to thrive and survive.” The Center’s mission is to support, prepare, connect and mobilise the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders, enabling people with opportunities to build meaningful livelihoods. The new Center will focus on four key tracks:

  1. Inspiring future entrepreneurs: Ensuring that everyone, especially young people, have the opportunity to become entrepreneurs. For this to happen, they need to be empowered with the skills of the future. The Center of Entrepreneurship provides access to programs to prepare people with the skills needed to become successful entrepreneurs in a constantly changing environment.
  1. Digitalisation of SME’s: SMEs represent 90% of global businesses, but many do not have the necessary tools and resources to participate in today’s digital economy. The programs offered at the Center provide SME leaders with the tools to digitize their operations and access new markets.
  2. Scaling up start-ups: The Centre will work to improve ecosystems for start-ups by providing training, coaching and support services to help entrepreneurs establish, fund, manage and expand their new companies.
  3. Fostering Inclusive Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship provides social and economic opportunities for the entire population by creating employment in the community. The ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship leverages strategic partnerships to empower individuals and mobilize public-private solutions to overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship.