Ukrainians join global antiwar protests from Bogotá


Ukrainians residing in Bogotá took to the streets over the weekend to show solidarity with their fellow citizens as the Eastern European country resists the invasion by Russia. The demonstration accompanied by Colombians and other foreign nationals protested peacefully outside the Russian Embassy in the Colombian capital.

Large rallies in support of Ukraine were also held in major cities across the world, some of the largest witnessed in Berlin, London, Sydney and New York. Antiwar protests also broke out in Moscow and St.Petersburg with some 4,000 citizens arrested by the police.

The protest was marked by a large Ukrainian flag and many members of the Ukranian expat community wore traditional attire. “I feel so emotional about what is happening in my peace-loving country, that I have a very hard time expressing everything I feel,” said Vladyslava as yellow and blue flags accompanied the marchers, many also, decked in the Colombian national football jersey.

More marches are planned this week in the Colombian capital as Russian troops advance on Kyiv and other large cities in the besieged nation.