Bogotá to double home medical care with Omicron case increases


With millions of travelers around the world facing flight cancellations and travel delays given record-breaking cases of per day coronavirus infection, and many European nations tightening restrictions on social gatherings, opening hours for bars and restaurants, in Colombia, no additional health measures are being introduced almost a week after the country confirmed the cases of the Omicron variant.

In Bogotá, where daily cases have more than doubled from averages in the 400 range for most of December to 1,292 confirmed on Saturday, active cases across the country have also increased to 16,203 on the same day, compared to 12,485 last Monday.  District health authorities predict the most infections of a fourth wave will occur in February.

To mitigate the numbers in new infections, the district will focus on expanding vaccinations with third doses to the population, given that 92% of Bogotanos have completed their single or double dose schemes, but only 677,000 have received a booster,”  indicated Mayor-in-charge Luis Ernesto Gómez.

“All persons age 18 or over can receive a third vaccination, as long as six months have elapsed after having completed the vaccination schedule,” he highlighted. Gómez, who has taken over from Mayor Claudia López as she self-isolates after being diagnosed for a second-time with COVID-19 emphasized that, unlike what is happening in cities across Europe and United States, Bogotá will double its medical support staff to attend more than 2,600 visits per day to those recovering at home.

The majority of cases in the Colombian capital are concentrated in the localities of Engativá, Suba, Bosa and Kennedy. “Although this variant appears to be much more contagious, it also seems to be less lethal, so what it requires the most are general hospitalization services and home care,” added Gómez.



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