Colombia’s immigration entity – Migración Colombia – released the protocols all Colombian and foreign residents must fulfill in order to return back to the country on a humanitarian flight.

Called the ABC’s of Resolution 1230 of 2020, all candidates who remain stranded with the coronavirus pandemic must first contact the closest Colombian consulate, and in case that this is not possible given distances or strict lockdowns, a request can be made online at

The Consulate will then begin the formal process of contacting commercial airlines that can cover the route and present documentation to the Civil Aviation Authority. All passengers must assume the cost of their tickets as they depend on the tariffs of each airline.

Once a flight has been confirmed, candidates will be contacted directly by consular staff.

Individuals who present coronavirus-like symptoms will not be able to board the plane.

Before the embarkation process, all passengers must sign an official health card for contact tracking and commitment to self-isolate for 14 days once in Colombia. Passengers must also assume the costs of accommodation and food during the quarantine. A certificate of health must be filled out on the official Migración Colombia website and presented with all identification. During the entire flight, passengers will be required to wear latex gloves and facemasks.

Upon arrival in Colombia, all inbound passengers will be assessed by health authorities with temperature screening and an explanation regarding the symptoms and prevention measures with COVID-19.

No family members, relatives or friends are permitted to receive passengers at the airport and only public transportation can be used to reach one’s final place of residence or hotel.

If Bogotá isn’t your final destination, arrivals have 24 hours to leave the capital and reach their place of quarantine. Compliance with mandatory self-isolation will be verified by agents of Migración Colombia, National Police or municipal or departmental Health Entities.

To get a certificate of mobility in order to reach your place of residence one must complete the registration form of the Ministry of Transport:

Migration Colombia will update the Ministry of Health every day as to the health status of each passenger who arrived from overseas.