In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

Alex von Loebell, founder of BioPlaza

20 Questions: green destiny

Alex von Loebell came to Colombia to help the family farm. Now he runs BioPlaza, health food stores leading a food revolution.
Toto la Momposina

Voice of Colombia

One of Colombia's most recognized musicians, Totó la Momposina is a link between the nation's cultural past and future.
Karent Hinestroza

My name is ‘Chocó’

With two major releases, Afro-Colombian actress Karent Hinestroza is one of the nation's fastest rising young stars.
Cesar Lopez with his escopetarra

Rock revolutionary

César López is a composer with a mission. His gun-guitar shows how music can replace the madness of war.
Hans Blumenthal

Hans on the land

Hans Blumenthal, creator of the National Peace Prize has embarked on a new mission to empower farmers.
Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto

Kings of gaita

From Tokyo to the fields of Bolívar, the legendary Gaiteros de San Jacinto share Colombia's unique musical traditions.
Enrique Parejo

Surviving ‘Pablo’

Enrique Parejo endured the slaughter of colleagues during the M-19 attack on the Palace of Justice and survived an assassination attempt by Pablo Escobar.
Anandita Basu

20 Questions: La ‘Anandita’

Anandita Basu teaches her students how to shake a leg. The director of Fundación Kalakendra is enriching ties between her native India and Colombia.
Angelika Helberger Frobenius

Helberger, Colombia’s pioneer of aviation

Angelika Helberger left post-war Germany for Colombia where she became the first female commercial pilot in the Americas.
Valeriano Lanchas

Valeriano Lanchas: the baritone from Bogotá

With back to back performances lined up well into next year, Bogotá native Valeriano Lanchas is quickly becoming Colombia's biggest opera star.