As Colombia reaches the two month timeline with the National Health Emergency and quarantine that has returned in recent weeks certain freedoms of mobility and work productivity for the construction, agricultural and manufacturing sectors, on Tuesday, with 640 new cases of COVID-19, President Iván Duque announced the fourth extension of Obligatory Preventive Isolation until May 31. The date coincides with the orginal deadline for citizens age 70 and older to be able to resume everyday activities.

President Iván Duque also added that from June 1 to 31, further easing of the health emergency goes into effect for museums and public libraries with restrictions, however, on group gatherings. The President also highlighted that Mayors and Governors will determine measures for their residents to regain productive life and in accordance with bio-security protocols and safe distancing. In regards to Bogotá, the city’s mass transportation system TransMilenio will continue to operate at 35% of its capacity.

The National Health Emergency was also extended to August 31 to guarantee resources for the health sector. Duque made no mention of economic sectors that can resume operations, including airlines and inter-municipal transport. Airports will remain closed until June 30.

Persons above the age of 70 must remain confined until June 31.

With the new national total at 16,935, Bogotá registered 214 cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, followed by Valle del Cauca with 88, Cartagena 78, Atlántico 57, Barranquilla 39 and Amazonas 38 among others. The country continues to have 71 clusters concentrated in departments that are both topographically and climatically diverse. The number of recovered patients increased to 4,050 and close to 150 during the last 24 hours.  Bogotá’s total cases now stand at 5,934 or 35% of the nation’s total.

The increase of 640 new cases matches numbers from the previous week and slight decline from Saturday’s recorded peak of 723. The National Institute of Health (INS) processed 6,158 PCR tests.

Hospitals also reported 21 additional fatalities putting the death toll at 613. The victims of COVID-19 were in Leticia, Bogotá, Soledad, Fusagasuga, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Mosquera, Pasto and Quibdó. The oldest victim was 82 and youngest 46.