Cider makers find a market in Bogotá

While Europeans have long been drinking cider in pubs, the sweet apple-based delight is only now catching on in Colombia due to the hard work of a few pioneers.
Colombia's snow-capped mountains. (Photo by Augusto Serna)

At altitude destinations, into Colombia’s thin air

Colombia's capital and several destinations are so high up in the mountains that visitors may need to take a few extra breaths.

Don’t just retire in Colombia, ‘relive’ here

Vivenza offers comfortable retirement options for seniors interested in living the good life just a few miles from Colombia's capital.
Outdoor extreme sports in Colombia

Colombia enters the ‘age of the expat’

Between entrepreneurs and retirees, Colombia is booming with expats who seek a high quality of life at an affordable cost compared to home.
A memorial to Jack Greenwell in his hometown in England

Remembering Jack Greenwell, key forgotten figure of Bogotá football

All but forgotten in Bogotá, the town of his death, football coach Jack Greenwell finally got the recognition he deserves in his hometown.

From the cradle to raising bilingual children in Colombia

Being a parent in a foreign land offers benefits such as hearing your children speak in tongues. Being bilingual in childhood changes brains forever.

The Oxford – Manizales connection of “town versus gown”

The “town versus gown” culture of university cities has paired Oxford with Manizales. Here, a tale of two cities united by higher education.

Colombia’s panela artisans make life that much sweeter

In many regions of Colombia, the process of panela-making has remained unchanged since the days of the Spanish conquest.

John Lundin journeys to the “heart of things” in the Sierra Nevada de Santa...

Novelist John Lundin's Journey to the Heart of the World has been published and receiving its share of acclaim from critics and environmentalists.

Pajón, Ibargüen, Figueroa lead Colombia to best Olympic performance in history

With golds for Pajón, Ibargüen, and Figeroa, Rio was the best Olympics in Colombia's history.

My scariest moment in Medellín

From the battleground of Iraq to the Texas outback, Ann Bush thought she had lived it all, until hitting the streets of Medellín.

All eyes on Colombia in Rio Olympics

As the Rio 2016 Games begin, Colombia has the chance to bring home the gold in several disciplines.

Club before country except if it’s Colombia

Colombia's national football team restores faith in the game writes Richard McColl and breaks with the rancorous behaviour of English fans.
copa america colombia

As Team Colombia faces USA in final match of Copa America, what went wrong...

Team Colombia faces its final match in the Copa America Centenario Saturday against the USA. What failed Wednesday to dash hopes for a final against Argentina?
david ospina copa america

Colombia past Peru into the Copa America semifinals

Colombia wasn't good — but David Ospina was great. And that was enough to get by Peru and advance to the semifinals.
jose pekerman

Pékerman’s odd decision costs Colombia group victory as it loses 3-2 to Costa Rica

What was José Pékerman thinking?After a thrilling game that featured two goals in the first seven minutes — and three more after that —...

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