Reviews, news and dining suggestions for Spanish food in Bogotá, Colombia.

It’s tapas time in Bogotá’s “Siete de Agosto”

One Iberian newcomer has opened in the Siete de Agosto barrio, inviting clients to rediscover the joys of tapas.

Bogotá’s sweetness and other delicacies by chance

From a leisurely Sunday lunch to puffy cream pastries and one very authentic Italian, food critic Ambrosia find a sweet side to dining out in Bogotá.
The roasted artichokes at La Xarcuteria in Bogotá.

A gastro pub turned Xarcuteria

With its authentic pastrami Reuben, to cured meats and sausages, Xarcuteria is a revelation in fun and comfort dining.
With a carefully paired menu with wines, Nueve is a newcomer for gastronomers.

‘Nueve’ reasons for tapas and wine

The pairing of wines with Nueve’s dishes makes for an enjoyable - and affordable - dining experience.
Tapas in La Macarena, Bogotá.

Tapas tour in La Macarena

To sample the best tapas Bogotá has to offer all in one neighborhood, try these restaurants in La Macarena.
Sepulveda Restaurant in Usaquén

From Spain to Sepulveda

Bringing the best of Spain to the New World, Sepulveda uses imported ingredients and homestyle recipes.