Reviews and dining suggestions for bars and cocktails in Bogotá, Colombia.

Barman Gabriel Lowe of the Black Bear.

The bar at the ‘Bear’

A renovated Bogotá home has inspired a raw bar. Years of experience are reflected in the drinks and dishes of ‘Black Bear’
Interior of the Little Indian in Bogota.

Bogotá’s Little Indian bar is gin, lights, ‘superstar’

A Bogotá gin club sparkles with Bollywood ambience, but is distant from authentic Mumbai madness.
Cocktails by Sylvain Citerne

EnObra: no work in progress

Despite what it's name might suggest, EnObra is fully operational and one of the trendiest bars in the La Macarena.
Martini by Caroline Scuro

Midweek martini

After a long day at work or for a night on the town, try these legendary bars for the perfect midweek cocktail.