Bogotá’s ‘Masa’ set to swoon clientele

Masa Bakery in Bogotá, Colombia
The Masa Bakery in Bogotá's Zona G serves New York-style pastries and breads in a relaxed ambiance perfect for an afternoon coffee.

There is something very New York about Masa. Maybe it’s the burned-brick of the corner building, the lofty ceilings and domed lights. Adding some Tribeca ambience to the ‘Zona G’ with its open counter space and freshly baked bread, Masa is meticulously arranged with long pastries, trays of cupcakes and croissants.

The new meeting place in Bogotá, it’s a perfect place to go on a Sunday after cycling, and the bakery even offers a very pet-friendly terrace. Masa is the brainchild of ad executive Julian Jaramillo, his chef wife Silvana and his sister-in-law Mariana. Having worked in Manhattan bakeries such as Amy’s Bread, Silvana and family decided to try their hand as entrepreneurs in Bogotá, opening Masa in 2012. Head there for the fresh breads, muffins, and freshly-brewed coffees!

Calle 70 No.4-83



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