Blue sky mining in Manaure

Workers gather sea salt in the Guajira peninsula near Manaure.

Dressed for the dance

The hauntingly-beautiful ceremonial attire of the Yucuna tribe in the Vaupés department captured by photographer Piers Calvert.

Framed by the Sierra

Photographer Carlos Pineda photographs a local farmer in the town of Minca, near Santa Marta.

Leading the way in Sonsón

Photographer Carlos Valencia captured this image of market day in Sonsón, Antioquia.

Dust and the Arauca soul

A striking image by photographer Carlos Pineda of the last rays of daylight on the plains of Arauca.

Wings over Fredonia

Coffee farmers from Fredonia, Antioquia, observe acrobatics by professional paragliders.

One deep blue to another

Big Picture: View of Providencia from the ISS

The American Consulate in 1892

Rare historical image of the Hotel Victoria in Barranquilla, dated 1892 and the American flag raised over the U.S Consulate.

The red riverboat

Photographer Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo captured this image of the red riverboat of the Atrato under a stark midday sun.

In times of oblivion

Photographer Fetze Weesrstra captures this image of a school outing in the colonial town of Mompox.

Morning commute in Nuquí

Big Picture. Canoes for the morning commute in Nuquí.

Beneath a scorching sun

A solitary horseman on the flats of the Magdalena River recalls the creoles of the independence campaign against Spain.

Carrying Cartagena

A reflection of the coast. One man decides to carry an entire street on his shoulder.

The fishermen of Llanito

Photographer Ricardo Pérez has been documenting the lives of fishermen on the mighty Magdalena River.

Cartagena’s African colors

The bright and colorful dresses of Palenqueras are emblematic of African heritage in the colonial city of Cartagena.

Sailing from Pegasus

The Pegasus pier at Cartagena has a special place with seafarers throughout the centuries.

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