One horse power at a time



Henry Ford might get a kick out of this image of a man riding his zorra down the cobble streets of a town in the Sabana de Bogotá. As the driver basks in the afternoon light, horse drawn carts are still a common sight in rural communities where they haul produce to markets, scrap metal to yards and even children to school.

In Bogotá, the zorras are also part of everyday life in the big city, mostly work horses for informal recyclers. While country horses tend to live somewhat better lives in the country, are fed on greener pastures and don’t have the pollution nor traffic to deal with, the plight of zorras in the capital has become a political issue as to regulate their circulation is to impact the livelihood of some of the most poor. But one man in Tabio has found a solution to the best of a country ride and the need to save on fuel: even if this means driving at ‘One Horse Power.’



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