Big Picture: Taking flight with first light


Photo: Richard Emblin

According to Colombia’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism (MinCIT), 2018 saw record numbers of international tourists coming to the country, estimated at 4,4 million and 10.4% increase over the previous year. Using a new methodology that excludes for the first time border crossings affected by the Venezuelan migration, Minister José Manuel Restrepo of MinCIT went on to highlight that since 2011 the growth rate of the number of foreign visitors to Colombia remains at an average of 8.4%. 

The United States contributed a total of 574,559 visitors in 2018, followed by Argentina, with 186,482; Brazil (181,033); Mexico (167,209) and Ecuador (149,027). Brazil and Ecuador decreased the number of travelers compared to 2017.

As another busy holiday season comes to an end in Cartagena, Colombia’s most lauded destination, herons and pelicans can now take advantage of the empty beach at Laguito to stretch their wings at sunrise.


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