After a  worrisome spike in new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, 640 confirmed from 4.076 PCR tests, on Wednesday, the official Ministry of Health bulletin saw lower rates with 346 cases putting Colombia’s total at 8,959. The National Health Institute (INS) processed 4.005 tests and more in line with an infection rate below 1%. On Wednesday, an additional 19 deaths were reported in Bogotá, Leticia, Cartagena, Valledupar, Barranquilla, Ciénaga, Santa Marta, Malambo, Santo Tomás and Tuluá.

The death toll now stands at 397.

As deaths maintain an average of 20 per day since the end of April, the number of recovered patients continues to rise with 130 on Wednesday or 2,144 since the outbreak two months ago. The INS also confirmed the 120,000 individuals with coronavirus symptoms have tested negative.

A day after President Iván Duque announced the extension of the National Health Emergency from May 11 to 25 and listed businesses that could resume activities including bookstores, stationers and home delivery laundrettes, Colombia’s lockdown is gradually easing especially with youngsters aged 6 to 17, who post-May 11, will be allowed to exercise three times a week for 30 minutes. Youngsters under the age 14 will require the company of an adult not part of the high-risk population with pre-existing medical conditions.

President Duque also noted that municipalities without reported cases of COVID-19 can begin re-opening, yet inter-municipal transport will be restricted in order to protect rural communities from first cases.