If you’ve been thinking about buying that handmade hammock from San Jacinto, or a hand-painted dinner set from Carmen de Viboral, or leather seats from Antioquia or carnival masks from Barranquilla, this is your chance.

Artesanías de Colombia’s annual artisan craft sale

April 12-
10 a.m.-7 p.m. M-S
11 a.m.-5 p.m. Sun

Bodega El Chicó
Calle 86a No. 13a-10

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Artesanías de Colombia, a nationwide organization that supports Colombia’s artistic and craft traditions, is holding a sale at its location in the Bogotá neighborhood of El Chicó.

From now until items run out, elaborate artisanal items that had been on display at Artesanías de Colombia’s various shows and events throughout the year will be priced with no markup.

For example, a wooden chaise lounge from Valle del Cauca that normally sells for $1,189,000 pesos is on sale for $606,000. A set of tables from Pasto, Nariño normally priced at $1,651,000 is on sale for $1,028,000.

Artesanías de Colombia hosts the largest traditional crafts exposition in the country — Expoartesanías — which celebrated its 25th anniversary in December at the Corferias convention center in Bogotá. At that annual fair, each of Colombia’s 32 departments are represented by diverse artworks and handmade items.

Artesanías de Colombia has supported the country’s artisans for more than a half century.

“The hands of artisans guard the code of our origin,” said representatives of Artesanías de Colombia in a statement last week. “It is they who keep alive the ancestral techniques with their marvelous dexterity.”

So if you want to support those hands, and the communities in which they live, head down to Artesanías de Colombia’s El Chicó store for a great deal on some true handmade masterpieces.