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    Tatiana Castañeda, Isabel Henao, Manuel Olarte
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    Andrea Stellabatti, Eduardo Zea
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    Alain Foucrier, Gethy Restrepo, Dimitri Kallinis
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    Liz Bohórquez, Camilo Pombo
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    Santiago Tejeiro, Jorge Alfredo Vargas

Celebrating its grand opening with a fete sponsored by Hendrick’s Gin, high-concept restaurant La Galerie combines the best of art and gastronomy. Patrons at the Bogotá restaurant can enjoy watching artists working live while they eat. Cocktails served during the party include the emblematic Hendrick’s and Tonic, a traditional gin and tonic made unique by the addition of ginger, cucumber and a touch of black pepper.

Home » Community » Grand opening La Galerie

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