Colombia is a country that quickly fills up memory cards with great pictures, whether exploring national parks in the high Andes to watching spectacular sunsets in the always-picturesque bay of Taganga. But as you take home great photos to accompany stories of how you rode a chiva along the coffee trail, you might want to participate in the 2016 edition of the National Tourism Fund’s – Fontur – photo contest “Revela Colombia” – “Colombia revealed.”

As the domestic tourism promotion entity of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (MinCIT), Fontur every year publishes a hardcover book with the best pictures that were submitted to the Revela contest. This book is then presented to visiting dignitaries and foreign governments as a gift representative of Colombia and its people. This year’s theme “Tourism for all reveals the best of a modern Colombia” is a departure from previous editions and an important issue adopted by the World Tourism Organization UNWTO to incentivate safe and sustainable tourism practices for persons with disabilities.

“Tourism for all” is an essential right and opportunity to bridge gaps in social inequality. And Colombia is adapting its tourism portfolio to the needs of others, especially children and the elderly. As the global tourism industry expands services for people with physical limitations, understanding that there should be no boundaries to enjoy many of the sights and sounds we take for granted, the theme of this year’s contest will be a challenge for both the serious amateur and professional photographer.

If you want to submit, the conditions are quite straight-forward. Photographs can be in color or black and white, must not have been retouched or previously used in publications. Contestants have from October 7 to December 13 (5 pm) to send in their photographs, either by mail or delivered personally to the office of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (MinCIT). The best three pictures will be awarded $10 million pesos, $6 million and $3 million respectively. Also, the best 100 photos will make their way into the eighth edition of the book.

The technical specifications are also quite standard: contestants may send up to two photographs in high resolution (300 dpi) and Jpeg format. For high resolution, the picture should be approximately 2000 pixels on its longest side, and for low resolution approximately 1,000 pixels. Each participant must deliver or send in the registration form with their photographs, duly signed and with an identification number and signature.

If participating remember that the Ministry has the right to use your photographs to promote Colombia, yet respects the authorship of the images.

To view all the terms and conditions of this contest and download the registration form visit the Fontur website or

Don’t forget the approaching deadline and enjoy sorting through the best of your Colombia moments.