The Andes stretch across central Colombia and encompass the country’s most populous cities. With an incredible biodiversity ranging from high-altitude páramos to the temperate rolling hills of Medellin and the Coffee Region, the Colombian Andes offer something for everyone.

One of Colombia's most challenging rivers: Rio Suárez.

Taming the Suárez

For some the ultimate challenge, for others, a night-mare with paddles. The Río Suárez in Santander is all about extreme adrenaline.
Race the river Negro near the sugarcane producing town of Tobia in the foothills of Cundinamarca

Sweet adventures in Tobia

From producing fine sugarcane to hosting tourists with adventure sports, Tobia is a sweet escape.

Close to Bogotá hotspots for rainy day escapes

Escape Bogotá rain with these mountain destinations that almost guarantee warm sunny days all year round.
A map of the Department of Santander, Colombia

Dramatic Santander

Steep mountains and raging rivers are just part of scenic Santander. If you work up an appetite, nibble on fried ants.
August is the month of wind with the kite festival in Villa de Leyva.

Running with kites

August is the month of kites and a spectacle in one of this country’s most attractive destinations, Villa de Leyva.

Buga: Town caught in a spiral of time

This town known for its miracles and imposing Basilica also offers tourists a chance to step back in time to ages of architectural splendour.
Río La Miel

Escape for a weekend on Río La Miel, the ‘Honey River’

Río La Miel, not far from urban centers but a world away, offers an unspoiled natural paradise striving to leave behind a troubled past.
Ruana made in Nobsa, Boyacá

Made in Nobsa

Nobsa, Boyacá hosts an annual International Ruana Day to celebrate the traditional Muisca garment.
El Tren de la Sabana de Bogotá

Riding the ‘Zipa’ train

Take the Turistren to the town of Zipaquirá for a relaxed and unique trip through the Sabana de Bogotá by train.
Girardot is one of Colombia's most visited resort towns.

Heat of the moments

Melgar and Girardot thrive on low cost tourism. With high temperatures, the fun is staying cool by a pool.

On the trail of volcano tourism in Colombia

Volcanoes are very visible when traveling through most of central Colombia and even though some remain dormant, hikers can climb up to the crater of the active Nevado del Ruíz

Crossing “The Line”

The most direct route to reach the western cordillera is to traverse 'La Linea’ and an experience in white-knuckle driving.
Rafting in Huila, Colombia

San Agustín and so much more

The Huila department offers archaeological wonders, thrilling river rapids and stunning natural scenery.
El Nevado de Ibague by Edgar Jimenez

The hills are alive

Ibagué is Colombia's music capital. It's also a laid-back town with gorgeous nature, tasty cuisine and perfect weather.

Villa de Leyva: Close to the capital, far from modern day

As one of the most emblematic colonial towns in all of Latin America, Villa de Leyva is a must-take trip into Colombia’s past.
Rio Claro offers caving and water activities near Medellin.

Río Claro: Rural refuge

Set among limestone, Río Claro offers tourists caving and exploring the ruins of Escobar’s eccentric Hacienda Napoles.

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