The number of coronavirus vaccines that have been administered in Colombia in less than a week has surpassed the number of Active Cases, 45,166 to 39,197 respectively.

Despite a cumulative total of 2,229,663 COVID-19 cases since the outbreak of the pandemic on March 6, 2020, the arrival of the first shipment of 50,000 doses from Pfizer and 192,000 on Saturday from Chinese manufacturer Sinovac is being directed at front line medical workers given their high-risk status among the population. In Bogotá, ICU occupation dropped to 59% and also the lowest number since May 23, 2020, when the entire country was entering its third month of lockdown. On Monday, the vaccination roll-out reached the departments of Chocó, Casanare, Putumayo and Caquetá.

Monday also saw the lowest daily rise in new infections – 3,401 – not witnessed since mid-June last year. The day’s total includes 1,117 cases in Bogotá, followed by 832 in Antioquia and 420 in Valle del Cauca. The pandemic, however, continues to claim victims, with an additional 140 deaths confirmed by the National Institute of Health, putting the toll at 58, 974.