Roughly four months after the initial deadline of March 23, Colombia’s government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrilla group appear to have a new deadline for finalizing a final peace agreement — July 20.

President Juan Manuel Santos mentioned the date, which carries symbolic importance as Colombia’s Independence Day, on Monday during a meeting with legislators from various political parties.

“For July 20, we will have been able to close negotiations in Havana and enter into a new phase for the country, and we hope that the Constitutional Court will soon approve the plebiscite,” said Santos on Monday.

The date also marks the start of Colombia’s next legislative session.

Colombia’s president met Monday with lawmakers and public officials to discuss the creation of regional and local peace councils that would oversee the post-conflict era.

“This peace is not of Juan Manuel Santos, it’s not of the president, or the government,” said Santos as the meeting concluded. “This peace is for all Colombians, and all Colombians should participate in its consolidation and construction.”

On Monday, Santos also congratulated Congress on several key pieces of legislation, including a new national police code.

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