During a four-legged ceremony with plenty of patting and panting, 14 sniffer dogs of Colombia’s law enforcement agency – Fiscalía General de la Nación – received their graduation diplomas and were retired from service after having participated in dangerous assignments during the last eight years. The dogs, as of Friday, will be able to sit out the rest of their days on a farm near the Colombian capital.

The country’s Deputy Attorney General, María Paulina Riveros, decorated the 14 dogs, and their respective instructors, assigned to judicial entity’s Canine Group. The group counts with 90 dogs and is responsible for operations that include drug trafficking interdiction, dismantling organized crime networks, and searching for missing persons. Among the dogs reaching retirement was Max, who recently led the rescue to find the bodies of the three Ecuadorian journalists killed by the ex-FARC dissent, alias ‘Guacho.’

“The dogs have helped us with such important tasks as the discovery of the bodies of the Ecuadorians in Barbacoas, finding weapons and explosives, and cocaine hydrochloride among other activities,” remarked Riveros. Another dog, whose work was highlighted during the graduation ceremony was Yaco, and who formed part of the Deputy Attorney General’s security detail.

Hundreds of dogs currently work alongside Colombia’s security forces in helping to clear areas of landmines.