Colombia’s immigration entity expels Swede after Cartagena hotel commotion

A Swedish tourist has been deported from Colombia without possibility of re-entry for seven years after he trashed the lobby of a Cartagena hotel in a fit of rage. According to Colombia’s immigration entity, Migración Colombia, Maximilian Rivkin sustained self-inflicted injuries during the incident and had to be taken to a local hospital.

A toxicology report handed over to Migracón Colombia indictes that the 35-year old Swede was under the effect of a psychoactive drug when he caused the “commotion” at the hotel. The report also states that Rivkin “participated in themes of sexual exploitation.”

Christian Krüger, director of Migración Colombia, remarked with the expulsion order that  “we are not going to allow any foreigner affect out tranquility, security and social order. The tourism that this Swedish citizen was looking for, isn’t the tourism that we offer in Colombia, nor the tourism that we want people to come here for. Foreigners can rest assured that with the National Police and other authorities, we will  inflict harsh penalties on those in search of drugs and sex.”

  • Some European nations could learn something from Colombia.