In the race to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 throughout Colombia, the country’s capital Bogotá registered the first fatality of a doctor on the frontline of the pandemic. Dr.Carlos Fabian Nieto was an emergency room physician at Clinica Colombia, age 33, and according to the Ministry of Health had the pre-existing medical condition of hypothyroidism.

According to Saturday’s coronavirus bulletin, the number of fatalities in the country increased by 20 putting the new total at 100. Dr.Nieto is the youngest victim of the disease, with other hospital deaths confirmed in Neiva (Huila), Ipiales (Nariño), La Dorada (Caldas), Cali (Valle), Tenjo (Cundinamarca), Villavivencio (Meta), Armenia (Quindío), Suesca (Cundinamarca). Ten of the victims are in Bogotá.

Saturday’s bulletin reports 3,193 COVID-19 tests performed of which 236 tested positive raising the national total at 2,709.

Patients recovered from coronavirus are 214.

Bogotá saw 44 new cases, down from 92 on Friday putting the number of infections in the capital at 1,164. Cali is the second-most affected city in the country with 61 new cases or 479 infections. For the first time since the outbreak in the country a month ago, Cali registered more cases for a single day than Bogotá.

The department of Antioquia has 253 cases of the virus and Bolívar – whose largest city is Cartagena – 117.  The department of Cundinamarca has 105 cases.