Expats are brining cultural diversity to Colombia.

In praise of expats

Expats are changing Colombia’s social and cultural diversity, many leaving it all to start new lives on these shores.
Harvesting the hormiga culona.

Tasting ‘hormiga culona’ season in Colombia

Fat-bottomed ants or the 'hormiga culona' are a Colombian delicacy, and in Casanare these insects make for a fun ecotourism experience.
Two sisters turned entrepreneurs turn vintage clothing into affordable fashion.

Very Vintage

From their Chapinero boutique, the López sisters revamp vintage clothing for Bogotá’s fashionistas.
Lions rescued from Colombia and Peru are now free in South African cat sanctuaries.

Circus lions liberated in Colombia, Peru walk free in South Africa

Thirty-three circus lions liberated from ramshackle operations in Colombia and Peru are now walking free in South African cat sanctuaries.
Transmilenio by Gerald Arevalo

‘Tickled’ by a thief

Pickpocketing is no laughing matter, but there are some simple steps you can take to keep yourself safe.

Return to Argentina? Pékerman on brink of “adios” to Colombia

Considered the "most successful football coach in Colombian history, Argentina's José Pékerman's days with La Selección are numbered.

Guide to guidebooks galore

A flurry of guides on Bogotá and Colombia have recently been released. Here is a review of what to expect in these publications.

Renown plant-based chef Matthew Kenney opens eatery in Bogotá

The acclaimed plant-based chef Matthew Kenney spoke with The City Paper of his latest vegan venture, the opening of Makeout in the Colombian capital.

U.S., Colombian researchers to study effects of violence on brain

A multi-national study will research the effects of violence on brain development in Colombian youth.

Colombia’s disappointing passport ranking

Colombia's passport ranks well below its South American peers, and citizens still face obstacles for visa-free travel.
Fans of Independiente Santa Fe.

Barras bravas: Can South America control its fans?

Across South America, the barras bravas command power with football clubs. But how can the sport stem the violence?

Bëtsknaté festival an ancient ‘carnival of forgiveness’

The Camëntsá and Inga communities' Bëtsknaté festival celebrates traditional values of peace and reconciliation in Colombia's Putumayo region.

Taking the plunge to live in Santa Marta. How much for priceless sunsets?

Feel like trading in stressful Bogotá for a place in the sun? Santa Marta may be within your budget with sunsets included.

From the cradle to raising bilingual children in Colombia

Being a parent in a foreign land offers benefits such as hearing your children speak in tongues. Being bilingual in childhood changes brains forever.
Stunt riding

Stunt riding soars to new heights in Colombia

"Stunt," an informal sport where motorcyclists perform daring moves in city streets is gaining popularity in Colombia and around the world.
Silent statue by dujurandille/creative commons

Many years of silence

Learning a new language in a foreign country can be isolating, but that frustration can also unite those who dare to explore.

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