jose pekerman

Pékerman’s odd decision costs Colombia group victory as it loses 3-2 to Costa Rica

What was José Pékerman thinking?After a thrilling game that featured two goals in the first seven minutes — and three more after that —...

Year of wear and tell

Bogotanos have becomes more clothing conscious uniting the varied social fabric of urban living.
The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel

Study shows Colombia slipping on English proficiency

Colombia fared poorly in an international ranking of English proficiency, which raises concerns about the country's economic competitiveness.
copa america colombia

As Team Colombia faces USA in final match of Copa America, what went wrong...

Team Colombia faces its final match in the Copa America Centenario Saturday against the USA. What failed Wednesday to dash hopes for a final against Argentina?

Cartagena’s very different race campaign

A striking advertising campaign in Cartagena looks to empower its Afro-Colombian population.
Fans of Independiente Santa Fe.

Barras bravas: Can South America control its fans?

Across South America, the barras bravas command power with football clubs. But how can the sport stem the violence?
Transmilenio by Gerald Arevalo

‘Tickled’ by a thief

Pickpocketing is no laughing matter, but there are some simple steps you can take to keep yourself safe.
Happiness is a discipline.

What makes you happy?

Feeling happy is often a discipline. A choice which doesn't magically happen writes Life Coach Linda Mason.
Christmas light watching in Medellin

Colombia’s most breathtaking Christmas lights

In Colombia, tiny towns and big cities alike get decked out for the holidays, but these are the best of the best for Christmas lights.

Two Bogotá theme cafés let coffee do the talking and washing

Bogotá is an entrepreneurial city with a slate of start-ups, including two theme cafés that offer clients much more than just coffee and pastries.
The view of the Parque Jaime Duque in the sabana de Bogotá.

Kids outside the city

The sabana de Bogotá can be one big playground for children. Enjoy strange attractions if relegated to the capital city summer.
Getting married in Cartagena

What to do with ‘I do’

Cartagena can be a dream destination for a wedding, but it's best to be prepared with a few tips on getting hitched in Colombia.
Pope Francis speaks to the press

With or without Pope’s approval, Colombians use birth control

Pope Francis suggested birth control could be used in Zika-affected regions, but many Catholic Colombians already use contraception.

Don’t just retire in Colombia, ‘relive’ here

Vivenza offers comfortable retirement options for seniors interested in living the good life just a few miles from Colombia's capital.

The Oxford – Manizales connection of “town versus gown”

The “town versus gown” culture of university cities has paired Oxford with Manizales. Here, a tale of two cities united by higher education.
De Serpa + Saenz jacket

Tailor made

AnnMarie de Serpa, along with business partner Luis Saenz, focus on quality clothing tailored to each client.

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