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Colombia’s disappointing passport ranking

Colombia's passport ranks well below its South American peers, and citizens still face obstacles for visa-free travel.
Tejo was declared Colombia's national sport in 2000.

Tejo: Most muddy sport

If you thought rugby was messy, try Tejo. Colombia’s national sport involves heavy metal discs and lots of team spirit.
One can enjoy the colonial city while counting one's travel pesos.

Cartagena on “the cheap”

Don’t miss out on local customs and coastal cuisine while counting your travel pesos in Cartagena.
Outdoor extreme sports in Colombia

Colombia enters the ‘age of the expat’

Between entrepreneurs and retirees, Colombia is booming with expats who seek a high quality of life at an affordable cost compared to home.

High expectations for Colombia’s medical cannabis reveal experts

Five leading physicians spoke with The City Paper about how medical cannabis is helping health professionals deal with the symptoms often associated with terminal illness.
Christmas light watching in Medellin

Colombia’s most breathtaking Christmas lights

In Colombia, tiny towns and big cities alike get decked out for the holidays, but these are the best of the best for Christmas lights.

Yellow Fever outbreak in Brazil puts Colombia on the offensive

Health authorities across the region fear a major outbreak of Yellow Fever. If traveling in Colombia, best be prepared.
Empanadas by Eddy Milfort

The empanada story

From the dawn of civilization to the streets of Bogotá, the humble empanada boasts a long and meandering history.

Don’t just retire in Colombia, ‘relive’ here

Vivenza offers comfortable retirement options for seniors interested in living the good life just a few miles from Colombia's capital.

Taking the plunge to live in Santa Marta. How much for priceless sunsets?

Feel like trading in stressful Bogotá for a place in the sun? Santa Marta may be within your budget with sunsets included.
Harvesting the hormiga culona.

Tasting ‘hormiga culona’ season in Colombia

Fat-bottomed ants or the 'hormiga culona' are a Colombian delicacy, and in Casanare these insects make for a fun ecotourism experience.

Burundanga: bad medicine

Keep yourself safe from burundanga, a drug that renders victims helpless puppets, by following these guidelines.
Crown of the Andes

Crown of the Andes sold on the cheap?

Colombia's legendary Crown of the Andes recently sold to New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Afro Colombia by Luis Perez

All about Afro-Colombia

May is African Heritage Month in Colombia, shining a spotlight on the nation's large Afro-Colombian community.

Two Bogotá theme cafés let coffee do the talking and washing

Bogotá is an entrepreneurial city with a slate of start-ups, including two theme cafés that offer clients much more than just coffee and pastries.

From the cradle to raising bilingual children in Colombia

Being a parent in a foreign land offers benefits such as hearing your children speak in tongues. Being bilingual in childhood changes brains forever.

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