Ask where the first hamburger was invented and you’re likely to get a handful of blank stares. Yes, it’s a tough question, though most people agree it happened sometime in the mid 20th century. Some claim a burger was first served in Wisconsin, others profess  Upstate New York. It could have even appeared along the banks of the Mississippi. A beef paddy placed between bread was a complex invention whose origins remain somewhat of a mystery.

But it did start in America, and while this favorite meal has become a hit around the world, the question is no longer where it comes from, but where to get a really good one. In a day and age of globalization, it should come as no surprise then, that Colombians enjoy a good burger, as much as anyone.

Located in the ‘Zona Rosa’ area of the capital, Agadon has been dedicated to serving mouth-watering burgers for a half decade; ever since a niche opened up for a traditional hamburger venue in Bogotá, and which didn’t fit into the catchy, all-encompassing “gourmet” category. The founding concept was to take a really good dish and do it right. Agadon succeeds.

All the burgers are made of aged ground rib-eye beef, providing optimum juiciness and tenderness. The buns are baked fresh everyday and plates are accompanied by generous portions of fries and the best condiments available,  including the essential Hebrew National course-ground mustard.

Taking its name from two Tel Aviv eateries – Agadir and Odeon – Agadon has a bistro feel to it, and guests are encouraged to sit back and enjoy a lunch which goes far beyond their burgers. For starters there are BBQ chicken wings ($13,900) and lamb meatballs ($14,900), as well mozzarella bites and baked provolone.

The Agadon menu evolves around the family table and with recipes selected from the four corners of the globe. There are English-style Fish and Chips, Baby Back Ribs and different salad selections, including another classic, the Cesar salad.

All burgers come in two sizes, 150 grams or 220 grams. There are 17 choices, including the Blue Cheese, Onion Ring, Ranch, Chipotle, to name a few. The burgers are also reasonably priced, starting at $17,900 for the Classic. There is also a Vegetarian burger with grilled portobello mushrooms for vegans at the table.

From hearty soups (Lentil and Minestrone) to grilled sandwiches, a house pepper steak and a roasted salmon, Agadon, pulls it off where many falter. It doesn’t matter who invented the burger (or a Cobb salad), but rather the places and the people who work with food. At Agadon there’s a great attitude to cooking that which we hold so dear, especially when biting into it with both hands.

AGADON. CRA 13 No.85-75

Tel: 218-2743