This month, the foundation Selección Cundinamarca and the environmental entity Corporación  Autónoma Regional de  Cundinamarca CAR, have launched a photography contest based on all themes ecological, and as we live in one of the most green departments of Colombia, there will be a trove of beautiful images capturing the richness of our surroundings. The selection committee will judge the most impactful pictures based upon our relationship with our surroundings, the protection of our water sources, the richness of our biodiversity.

The photography contest counts on the support of big names in the department, such as  Representaciones Continental S.A., the Néctar brand of the Empresa de Licores de Cundinamarca and the Corporación Autónoma Regional del Guavio (Corpoguavio).

Photography lovers can participate in two categories; the ‘General’ which includes 2 photographs  – one portraying the beauty of the department while the other, some aspect of environmental threat and destruction. A second category is exclusively dedicated to the Rio Bogotá, and must include one powerful picture of the river, which flows from the cold Andean wetlands of Cundinamarca, through the nation’s capital, until joining the Magdalena. The photo of the Rio Bogotá can also be an historical one, as there is no time frame in this category. Winners in all categories will receive top photography equipment as well as, iPads and iphones.

As one of the most pictureque departments in Colombia and made up of 15 “provinces,” Cundinamarca has a varied and lush topography. Rising from tropical valleys along the Magdalena river basin to the cold summits of the eastern cordillera, photographers have plenty of subject matter to chose from. So point your lens and frame your shots, for this is a contest for a greater good – to record and preserve all that which makes us so proud and “green.”

Visit the offical CAR wepage for all the contest details and terms of the contest.