With the sale and consumption of alcohol banned during all the World Cup matches in which Colombia has advanced gracefully to victory against rivals such as Uruguay, Ivory Coast, Greece and Japan, celebrations have been anything but muted, despite the crackdown by the city of enjoying an IPA or Chapinero Porter at your favorite watering hole.

To keep in the spirit of the unforgiving Ley Seca, The City Paper presents a series of win/win combinations for the knockout games which culminate July 13th with the grand World Cup final.

With Holland and Germany in the semifinals then why not make it a Monkey House moment? With one of the largest European beer selections you’ll find anywhere in the city, some 128 varieties (and counting), the Monkey House also prides itself on serving house specialty dishes such as a Bangers and Mash platter with good English gravy ($23,900) to be accompanied with a Bock, or the Lemon Pepper Chicken with a recommended Pilsener. There are also curries to choose from such as the spicy Bombay Beef Biryani ($29,900). To celebrate Germany’s triumph over Argentina or Hollland, the Monket House will surely be serving rounds of Weisbier and the best of Munich’s Hofbrauhaus.

Brazil looks to be teetering on the edge of desperation and Argentina could be the last Latin American team with a chance at the World Cup Final.  Then, why not head north to Patagonia, a most authentic Argentine steakhouse near Usaquén’s main square?

Surrounded by the red and white flags of River Plate, black and white pictures of Argentine celebrities (not excluding Maradona) and other football memorabilia, Patagonia’s grill offers prime cuts of Bife, Punta and sizzling chorizos. For those who still  believe in the green and yellow of Brazil, my pick to celebrate would be with friends in Usaquén’s El Rodizio. With slabs of meat coming off the spit for a fixed price of $39,900 (men) and $34,900 (women) you can enjoy the spirit of being close to Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana stadium with a Caipiriña: the house speciality drink.

Colombia could have swept – and danced- its way towards these historic finals, had it not been for heavy-handed referring during the Brazil match, and a clear bias to push the South American host nation to the semi-finals ahead of Colombia’s fabulous team. So if you still have any faith left in FIFA, and want to enjoy the Finals, head to two of the city’s best pubs: The Irish Pub (Zona T and Usaquén) and Bogotá Beer Company. There’s always the option of ordering the BBC’s microbrewery’s 5 Liter keg to go, and celebrating the end of a World Cup with friends, a flat screen, and in the comfort of one’s home.