In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

Colombia: Sizing up to “size”

An unusual study puts Colombian men ahead of their global peers, when it comes to penis size. Colombia makes a different "Green List".
Colombian president Jose Nieto Gil

Nieto Gil: Did Colombia whitewash the legacy of its only black President?

Colombia's 19th century black president José Nieto Gil's memory has all but been whitewashed" by subtle racism and political intrigue.
Tree Style works in the Darien to protect endangered species.

In defense of trees

Tree Style works towards protecting some of Colombia’s most endangered species to make forests 'green house' friendly.

Thomas Defler: a life with Colombia’s monkeys

Scientist and adventurer Thomas Defler reflects on his life spent in Colombia's Amazon region searching for rare and undiscovered monkeys.

Running with bulls Turbaco style

Every year towns across northern Colombia host their corralejas. A face off between bulls, beer and too much bravado.
Angelika Helberger Frobenius

Helberger, Colombia’s pioneer of aviation

Angelika Helberger left post-war Germany for Colombia where she became the first female commercial pilot in the Americas.

No Place Like Home?

Nasa's Kepler mission has discovered small habitable-sized planets . Has to time come to create new "homes" in our universe?
Anandita Basu

20 Questions: La ‘Anandita’

Anandita Basu teaches her students how to shake a leg. The director of Fundación Kalakendra is enriching ties between her native India and Colombia.
Colombian author Juan Gabriel Vasquez

Author Juan Gabriel Vásquez discovers Colombia through his writing

Author Juan Gabriel Vásquez talks about Colombia, his muse, La Candelaria and writing as a way to discover his home country.
The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, Muhammad Yunus in Colombia.

Colombia: Transforming the land

The Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus is backing an agro-industrial venture in Colombia which aims to change the lives of potato farmers.

Fernando Urbina and the Spanish Conquest in rock art

Fernando Urbina has dedicated 40-years of research to Colombia’s ancient rock art. His discovery of petroglyphs in remote territories show the first contact between conquistadores and Amazonian tribes.
A small statue of Jose Gregorio, the Venezuelan medicine man in the Bogotá temple.

‘Temple’ of strange cures

A stygian temple of kitch which guarantees a cure for everything is one of the bizarre landmarks of the Caracas Avenue in Bogotá.

On the trail of Colombia’s “Jaguar Corridor”

The Serranía de San Lucas is a vital corridor for the jaguar's survival, but illegal gold mining and mercury contamination threatens this endangered species.

The “velvet” crusade

Héctor Buitrago is lead guitarist and composer of a band which gave Bogotá its voice. For 20 years Aterciopelados have been on a musical crusade.

Mystery on a Colombian mountain: the story of Señorita María

María Luisa Fuentes is the protagonist of a documentary by director Rubén Mendoza that follows the everyday trials of being a gender fluid person in a remote region of Colombia.

A Christmas in Boyacá without Great Uncle Günter

Finding a lost relative in the Boyacá mountains was a Christmas wish come true for Anja. But Great Uncle Günter, exiled from his native Germany, had his share of secrets.

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