In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

Thomas Defler: a life with Colombia’s monkeys

Scientist and adventurer Thomas Defler reflects on his life spent in Colombia's Amazon region searching for rare and undiscovered monkeys.
Two centuries after his death, historians still debate the achievements of the father of Colombian botany

Mutis: Lost naturalist?

Two centuries after his death, the achievements of scientist José Celestino Mutis remain a debate among historians.

Andrew Crawford: Colombia’s frogs face “massacre” with illegal trafficking

Andrew Crawford is Associate Professor of Biology at Los Andes University. He spoke with The City Paper about the multiple threats facing Colombia's "Kermits."

Lichens on frontline of air quality research in Colombia

Two Bogotá universities house rare lichen collections, and a symbiotic life form that is helping scientists measure air quality in Colombia's largest cities.
Nukak Maku people in Guaviare

Not all lost for the Nukak Makú

Only recently discovered, the nomadic Nukak Makú endured the nation's conflict and many live in refugee camps.

Sanabria: Talking of Gods

As director of ICANH, Fabian Sanabria wants Colombians to understand the importance of preserving the nation’s patrimony.
Anandita Basu

20 Questions: La ‘Anandita’

Anandita Basu teaches her students how to shake a leg. The director of Fundación Kalakendra is enriching ties between her native India and Colombia.

A Colombian Roadmap for climate change

Colombia could be a leader in supplying the world with food, but to do so, needs to tackle a major agent of climate change: deforestation.
Beware of bat bites in the Colombian Pacific.

Far from Transylvania

Medical professionals in Bogotá are on alert over increased attacks in tropical zones by Colombia’s vampire bats.

Venezuelan migrants face hardships on Cartagena’s streets

More than half a million Venezuelans have crossed into Colombia fleeing the economic and political collapse of the Nicolás Maduro regime. Cities across Colombia are receiving migrants, but work opportunities are scare.
Emerald miners in Colombia by Mauricio Morales

In search of the ‘green fire’

Colombia's emerald industry relies on guaqueros, men and women who risk everything searching for "green fire."

Interview with Jorge Orlando Melo: “Colombia is a field of research unto itself”

Jorge Orlando Melo covers plenty of historical terrain with Colombia and subject of his most recent book.
A Rhesus monkey

Zika: From Uganda forest to the world stage

Everyone has heard of Zika, the viral outbreak afflicting Latin America, but few know its origins.
Alvaro Soto

Álvaro Soto: Pioneer of the Sierra Nevada

Colombian anthropologist Alvaro Soto discovered the Ciudad Perdida in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta 40 years ago.

Clever Leaves and the intelligent business of medicinal cannabis from Colombia

Legality and social responsibility are corporate pillars for the rapid growth of the Colombian-owned medicinal cannabis company Clever Leaves.
The vintage DC-3 of Air Colombia in Villavicencio.

Taking ‘Dakota’ East

Flying to remote communities in the eastern Llanos, Air Colombia’s very vintage DC-3 has a checkered and international past.