In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

Cartagena International Music Festival

Julia Salvi: A commitment to classical Cartagena

After the 10th annual Cartagena International Music Festival this month, a look at the family who founded this celebration of classical music in the colonial city.
Two centuries after his death, historians still debate the achievements of the father of Colombian botany

Mutis: Lost naturalist?

Two centuries after his death, the achievements of scientist José Celestino Mutis remain a debate among historians.
Fishermen cast their nets near Barrancabermeja, Santander.

Snapshots of the Magdalena

Writer Alden Pyle spends time in the Magdalena River valley and gets a snapshot of the Colombian reality, removed from the large cities.

Colombia: Sizing up to “size”

An unusual study puts Colombian men ahead of their global peers, when it comes to penis size. Colombia makes a different "Green List".

Andrés Delgado: A “cachaco” in Colombia’s Alta Guajira

As the founder of Kaishi Travel, Andrés Delgado is relentless in his quest for sustainability and helping communities improve their tourism standards.
Colombian architect Simon Vélez believes in the benefits of eco-sustainable bamboo for building.

The man who went ‘bamboo’

From cathedrals to resorts, architect Simon Vélez builds monumental structures from resilient and beautiful bamboo.

Fernando Urbina and the Spanish Conquest in rock art

Fernando Urbina has dedicated 40-years of research to Colombia’s ancient rock art. His discovery of petroglyphs in remote territories show the first contact between conquistadores and Amazonian tribes.

The Colombian chiva and Pineda’s mandalas in motion

Colombian photographer Carlos Pineda spent years documenting the art of chiva bus design in the coffee region to discover unique mandala designs.

Esteban Cortázar: The designer who made Colombia fashionable.

Esteban Cortázar puts Colombia and its rich cultural diversity into his stunning fashion collections.
Banana's are at the heart of the economy of Santa Marta.

What’s with the ‘cayeye’?

At the heart of 'Bananalandia' - Santa Marta - there's more than meets the eye to the man shouting “Guineo verde!” on a megaphone.

Magín Díaz and his ‘Rosa Que Linda Eres’

The songs of Magín Díaz are immortalized in the musical history of this nation. A movement looks to restore the true copyright of the composer of 'Rosa'.

Gallery: “Semana Santica” in Mompox

Before the start of Holy Week across Colombia, the colonial town on Mompox celebrates Semana Santico, a week-long religious festival in which children lead the processions.
Colombian architect Giancarlo Mazzanti.

The Mazzanti “effect”

Mazzanti is the mastermind behind some of Colombia’s most imposing structures. His additions to the landscape help transform vulnerable communities.
The vintage DC-3 of Air Colombia in Villavicencio.

Taking ‘Dakota’ East

Flying to remote communities in the eastern Llanos, Air Colombia’s very vintage DC-3 has a checkered and international past.
Emerald miners in Colombia by Mauricio Morales

In search of the ‘green fire’

Colombia's emerald industry relies on guaqueros, men and women who risk everything searching for "green fire."

Colombia: A nation of percussionists

If you happen to have a tapping issue, compulsive or mild, you will find comfort in this rhythm nation.

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