In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

Panche artwork

The lost Panches

Angel Martinéz dedicated 20 years to looking for traces of the lost Panche culture, which flourished in the Magdalena valley.

García Márquez and the “forgotten” Macondo

On the eve of the second anniversary of the passing of Nobel Gabriel García Márquez, a Colombian writer returns to his native land to break the spell of "solitude."
Pedro Ruiz

Pedro Ruiz: ‘gold’ standard

Artist Pedro Ruiz depicts in "Oro" scenes representing the beauty and complexity of traditional life and nature in Colombia.
Cesar Lopez with his escopetarra

Rock revolutionary

César López is a composer with a mission. His gun-guitar shows how music can replace the madness of war.

Gallery: “Semana Santica” in Mompox

Before the start of Holy Week across Colombia, the colonial town on Mompox celebrates Semana Santico, a week-long religious festival in which children lead the processions.
Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto

Kings of gaita

From Tokyo to the fields of Bolívar, the legendary Gaiteros de San Jacinto share Colombia's unique musical traditions.
Wayuu Assembly leader Javier Rojas.

The Wayúu’s thirst for survival

Wayúu leader Javier Rojas explains how corruption and open-pit mining exacerbate a critical water shortage in Colombia's La Guajira department.

On the trail of Colombia’s “Jaguar Corridor”

The Serranía de San Lucas is a vital corridor for the jaguar's survival, but illegal gold mining and mercury contamination threatens this endangered species.

Colombia: Failed infrastructure and the “optimist” of our roads

The collapse of one of Colombia's Fourth Generation road engineering marvels, the Chirajara bridge, reveals an urgency to examine this country's infrastructure.

Colombia: Power in peacebuilding

Many inter-faith organizations are working at a community level to promote a culture of peace.
Alex von Loebell, founder of BioPlaza

20 Questions: green destiny

Alex von Loebell came to Colombia to help the family farm. Now he runs BioPlaza, health food stores leading a food revolution.

Palomino to get “Colombia Clean” with sustainable tourism initiative

As part of a government initiative to keep Colombia's tourism destinations clean from plastic and other man-made waste, #ColombiaLimpia heads to the beach resort of Palomino.

A snapshot of a bygone Bogotá

A press conference during the height of the narco war, offers one journalist the opportunity to become a Colombian.
Alvaro Soto

Álvaro Soto: Pioneer of the Sierra Nevada

Colombian anthropologist Alvaro Soto discovered the Ciudad Perdida in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta 40 years ago.
Tree Style works in the Darien to protect endangered species.

In defense of trees

Tree Style works towards protecting some of Colombia’s most endangered species to make forests 'green house' friendly.

The Rolling Ruanas: A success story that rocks traditional carranga

From social media sensation to household name, the peculiar sound of Los Rolling Ruanas is conquering international audiences.

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