In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

The hostage gardener

Tom Hart-Dyke’s lecture at Hay recalled his kidnapping in the Darién in 1999 and how orchids and humor saved his life.
Dr. Francisco Lopera, leading researcher on early-onset Alzheimer's

In search of memory

Dr. Francisco Lopera found clues that could help uncover the causes of early-onset Alzheimer's and stop the disease.

Cultivating beans for brains

An initiative by Medellín’s ‘Educational Parks’ looks to generate pride in the region’s coffee industry.
Colombia hip hop band ChocQuibTown release a new album this month.

Who is ChocQuibTown?

With a growing fan base thanks to a series of hit singles, ChocQuibTown are back with a new album which reaffirms their musical roots and love of the Chocó.
Dr. Jorge Reynolds holds a model of a human heart

Colombia’s pioneer of the electric heart

From whales to nanotechnology, pacemaker inventor Dr. Jorge Reynolds' passion for the heart saved millions of lives and inspired a nation.

El Cocuy: Trouble on the mountain, resolution on the horizon?

Local activists recently closed El Cocuy mountain after a football was kicked around on an endangered glacier. Now many are wondering when, or if, this National Park will reopen.

Ruby Rumié: The artist of our living patrimony

Artist Ruby Rumié’s representation of palenqueras is art-psychology. Thirty exceptional women who contribute to the living patrimony of this nation are part of her latest photographic project "Tejiendo Calle."

Colombia: The new Hollywood

American film producer Buck Allen presents a story based in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta at Sundance Film Festival.
Colombian artist Monika Bravo

20 Questions: Monika Bravo

Monika Bravo is a multi-disciplinary artist whose use of photographic engravings leads viewers through emotional landscapes.
Anthropologist Wade Davis journeys to the Pira Paraná to meet the remote and forgotten tribes of the Vaupes.

Defending the ‘Anaconda’

Wade Davis has a long involvement with Colombia's Amazon, and this respected anthropologist believes the survival of ‘Peoples of the Anaconda’ is at stake.
Alejandra Borrero

A performance for life

Alejandra Borrero's work and creative life projects, including the Casa-E Social performance group, have helped thousands of Colombians heal from the scourge of sexual violence through visual and performing arts.
333,000 Butterflies hover near the Palacio Bellas Artes in Mexico City.

Fantastical flight of ‘Butterflies’

In the tribute to 'Gabo' the skies over Mexico were transformed into a flurry of butterflies crafted by Andrés Carne de Res.

Mystery of the Great War nurse who ended up in El Pato, Antioquia

The mystery of how an English nurse ended up in a Colombian gold mine has also revealed the existence of a cemetery for foreigners in El Pato.

A Colombian adoption: From the jungle to Holland and back again

Adopted from Colombia as a child, Santiago Jordaan returned to his tribal home in the Amazon to learn Huitoto traditions and share the experience with his fellow Dutch citizens.
Panche artwork

The lost Panches

Angel Martinéz dedicated 20 years to looking for traces of the lost Panche culture, which flourished in the Magdalena valley.

Preview of photographer Malcolm Linton’s “When the Ink Dries”

The award-winning British photojournalist Malcolm Linton gave The City Paper a preview of his most recent essay: photographs of the final days of FARC.

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