In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

Esteban Cortázar: The designer who made Colombia fashionable.

Esteban Cortázar puts Colombia and its rich cultural diversity into his stunning fashion collections.

Stage to Bogotá streets: The musicians of the Venezuelan migration

Playing for pesos is a reality many Venezuelan musicians face on the streets of Bogotá to survive with the economic collapse of their country.

Julia Salvi: “This festival is a showcase of Colombia”

The theme of January's edition of the International Music Festival of Cartagena is Celestial Harmony with invited guests John Eliot Gardiner and London's Philharmonia among others.
Chef Catalina Vélez from Cali teaches local about healthy ingredients.

A chef crusader

Invited to showcase gastronomy from Valle de Cauca at this year's charity food festival Alimentarte, Chef Catalina Vélez makes healthy food her crusade.
Jose Padilha, director of Narcos

‘Narcos’: behind the scenes with director Jose Padilha

Netflix and director José Padilha revisit a bloody chapter in Colombia's history with the new prime time series Narcos.
Henry Arellano measures carbon in tropical forests

One tree at a time, Colombia research shifts climate focus

Scientist Henry Arellano thinks deforestation is driving climate change, and he's measuring thousands of Colombian trees to prove it.
Fishermen cast their nets near Barrancabermeja, Santander.

Snapshots of the Magdalena

Writer Alden Pyle spends time in the Magdalena River valley and gets a snapshot of the Colombian reality, removed from the large cities.

Doña Felisa: The last ceramist of the Guanes

A 90-year old artisan from Guane, Santander, is the last member of an indigenous community to elaborate pre−Columbian pottery.

Andrés Delgado: A “cachaco” in Colombia’s Alta Guajira

As the founder of Kaishi Travel, Andrés Delgado is relentless in his quest for sustainability and helping communities improve their tourism standards.
Bird illustrator Miles McMullen

The illustrator of birds

An accomplished artist, the lifelike paintings of Miles McMullan are key to novice and professional birders.
With the approaching whale watching season, one local NGO sets an example with its sustainable and community-led tourism.

Pacific pride

With the approaching whale watching season, one local NGO sets an example with its sustainable, community-led tourism.
Alex von Loebell, founder of BioPlaza

20 Questions: green destiny

Alex von Loebell came to Colombia to help the family farm. Now he runs BioPlaza, health food stores leading a food revolution.
Transgender director of the Humboldt Foundation, Brigitte Baptiste.

Baptiste: The heels of Humboldt

At the Humboldt Institute, Brigitte Baptiste is committed to preserving Colombia’s biodiversity.
Karent Hinestroza

My name is ‘Chocó’

With two major releases, Afro-Colombian actress Karent Hinestroza is one of the nation's fastest rising young stars.

Interview with sculptor Hugo Zapata: The soul of the stone

As a key figure in Colombian contemporary art, Zapata spoke with The City Paper about a life dedicated to the hidden manifestations of the earth and uncompromising relationship with stone.

The “velvet” crusade

Héctor Buitrago is lead guitarist and composer of a band which gave Bogotá its voice. For 20 years Aterciopelados have been on a musical crusade.