In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

Photojournalist Stephen Ferry in Bogotá.

Ferry: A witness to bravery

From gold mines to 'corralejas' photojournalist Stephen Ferry has covered Colombia and documented its 'violentology'.

The search for little Toro in the Sierra Nevada

Thought to be extinct, a small rodent has been rediscovered in the Sierra Nevada and now focus of a major scientific expedition

Prestigious Rogelio Salmona prize heads to Cuenca, Ecuador

The prestigious Salmona architecture prize has been awarded to Boris Albornoz and his renovation of the neo-Republican market in Cuenca, Ecuador.
Dr. Francisco Lopera, leading researcher on early-onset Alzheimer's

In search of memory

Dr. Francisco Lopera found clues that could help uncover the causes of early-onset Alzheimer's and stop the disease.

Letter from “Anonymous”: I was a prisoner of FARC

In a letter, one prominent businessman recalls how we has sold into captivity and endured 10 months as an "economic prisoner" of the Colombian guerrilla.

The Rolling Ruanas: A success story that rocks traditional carranga

From social media sensation to household name, the peculiar sound of Los Rolling Ruanas is conquering international audiences.

Feature: The giant catfish fishermen of the Araracuara Canyon

The Río Caquetá is home to some of the largest catfish of the Orionco and Amazon basins, and important food source for the communities of Huitoto who inhabit the region.
Colombian author Juan Gabriel Vasquez

Author Juan Gabriel Vásquez discovers Colombia through his writing

Author Juan Gabriel Vásquez talks about Colombia, his muse, La Candelaria and writing as a way to discover his home country.
Hans Blumenthal

Hans on the land

Hans Blumenthal, creator of the National Peace Prize has embarked on a new mission to empower farmers.

Luis Domingo Gómez: Defender of bears, Attorney of the wild

Constitutional lawyer Luis Domingo Gómez defends biodiversity regardless of size. After an Andean Bear was denied release from a Barranquilla zoo, this attorney remains on the defensive.
Milton Coleman, Senior Editor at The Washington Post

20 Questions: on the news

Milton Coleman, Senior Editor at The Washington Post talks journalism, Latin America and freedom of expression.
Pedro Ruiz

Pedro Ruiz: ‘gold’ standard

Artist Pedro Ruiz depicts in "Oro" scenes representing the beauty and complexity of traditional life and nature in Colombia.

Julia Salvi: “This festival is a showcase of Colombia”

The theme of January's edition of the International Music Festival of Cartagena is Celestial Harmony with invited guests John Eliot Gardiner and London's Philharmonia among others.

Colombia: Fifty shades of parrot green

Colombia is parrot paradise, but many are hard to spot because their green matches their leafy homes. Ongoing threats to their habitats is endangering this rather feisty species.

Clever Leaves and the intelligent business of medicinal cannabis from Colombia

Legality and social responsibility are corporate pillars for the rapid growth of the Colombian-owned medicinal cannabis company Clever Leaves.
Banana's are at the heart of the economy of Santa Marta.

What’s with the ‘cayeye’?

At the heart of 'Bananalandia' - Santa Marta - there's more than meets the eye to the man shouting “Guineo verde!” on a megaphone.