In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

The sugar cane industry employs migrant workers known as 'corteros'.

Corteros: Slashing cane

The sugar mills of Valle del Cauca employ up to 12,000 cane cutters. The work inspired photographer Sergio Bartelsman.

Colombia inspires climate crusader Edward Davey’s Given Half a Chance

ward Davey has released his first book detailing Colombia's role and ongoing commitment to the Paris Agreement.

Colombia: Failed infrastructure and the “optimist” of our roads

The collapse of one of Colombia's Fourth Generation road engineering marvels, the Chirajara bridge, reveals an urgency to examine this country's infrastructure.

Julia Salvi: “This festival is a showcase of Colombia”

The theme of January's edition of the International Music Festival of Cartagena is Celestial Harmony with invited guests John Eliot Gardiner and London's Philharmonia among others.
Amazon River boats by Juan Paulo Vargas

Casement and Colombia

Sir Roger Casement exposed the injustices of the rubber trade in the Amazon before meeting an untimely end.

Peace, justice and vallenato

As we delve into a new year, Anna Vogt reflects on a year working with the displaced and vulnerable communities in the Chocó.
Campesinos Colombianos

Planting a better future

Rural agricultural initiatives look to help farmers replace coca with valuable legal crops like cacao and rubber.
The tomb of a NN by Juan Manuel Echavarria.

‘Animeros’ of the Magdalena

During November, towns across Colombia’s Magdalena Medio call on an 'animero' to grant peace to the ‘lost souls’ of the disappeared.

Colombian Navy escorts baby sea turtles back to safety in the Pacific Ocean

The Colombian Navy went on a mission last week to protect baby sea turtles as they migrate to the sea after born on a beach in the Chocó department.

Fernando Urbina and the Spanish Conquest in rock art

Fernando Urbina has dedicated 40-years of research to Colombia’s ancient rock art. His discovery of petroglyphs in remote territories show the first contact between conquistadores and Amazonian tribes.
Angelika Helberger Frobenius

Helberger, Colombia’s pioneer of aviation

Angelika Helberger left post-war Germany for Colombia where she became the first female commercial pilot in the Americas.

Guaviare’s Serranía La Lindosa receives protected status by ICANH

The Serrania de La Lindosa in Guaviare has been given protected status by ICANH to save its ancient rock face pictograms.

Magín Díaz and his ‘Rosa Que Linda Eres’

The songs of Magín Díaz are immortalized in the musical history of this nation. A movement looks to restore the true copyright of the composer of 'Rosa'.
Dione and Paul Gervis

20 Questions: 50 years later

Celebrating half a century in Colombia, Dione and Paul Gervis made a commitment to a lifestyle and friends in the tropics.
Anandita Basu

20 Questions: La ‘Anandita’

Anandita Basu teaches her students how to shake a leg. The director of Fundación Kalakendra is enriching ties between her native India and Colombia.

Colombia’s legendary forests and a few mythical creatures

Colombia has plenty of pristine forest to conjure one's imagination. Several of them, even have mythical beasts.

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