In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

Obit: “I’m still called Nereo”

An epic life is revealed: Colombia's legendary photojournalist Nereo López (1920-2015).

Colegio Filadelfia: A Bogotá school where deaf learn leadership

Colegio Filadelfia Para Los Sordos was founded three decades ago by an American educator to provide quality education for deaf children in Bogotá.

Rural revolutionary radio

The story of a small radio network and how it changed the way rural Colombia got its education.

Giant sloths ruled South America — until hungry humans arrived

Giant sloths and other mega-mammals were kings of Colombia until they met their deadliest predators yet: humans.
The director of Semillas, German Vélez.

Defending our seeds

German Vélez is a defender of seeds and Colombia’s food autonomy. He spoke of the urgency of keeping our agriculture traditional.
Alejandra Borrero

A performance for life

Alejandra Borrero's work and creative life projects, including the Casa-E Social performance group, have helped thousands of Colombians heal from the scourge of sexual violence through visual and performing arts.
Campesinos Colombianos

Planting a better future

Rural agricultural initiatives look to help farmers replace coca with valuable legal crops like cacao and rubber.

Lights, camera, Gallego: The feminine force in Colombian cinema

In her directorial debut with Birds of Passage, Cristina Gallego chronicles the birth of the marijuana trade in La Guajira and the role of women among the Wayúu.

Álvaréz: A “Knight” of Colombian culture

At the helm of the Colón Theatre, Manuel José Álvarez has dedicated a life in progress to opening up Colombian culture to all.

A snapshot of a bygone Bogotá

A press conference during the height of the narco war, offers one journalist the opportunity to become a Colombian.
High altitude wetland in Colombia.

Medicinal powers of a páramo

Colombia’s high altitude wetlands are home to rare herbs and medicinal plants used by communities for their curative elements.

El Cocuy: Trouble on the mountain, resolution on the horizon?

Local activists recently closed El Cocuy mountain after a football was kicked around on an endangered glacier. Now many are wondering when, or if, this National Park will reopen.

A Colombian Roadmap for climate change

Colombia could be a leader in supplying the world with food, but to do so, needs to tackle a major agent of climate change: deforestation.

20 Questions: Timothée de Saint-Albin

A former journalist turned rare map collector , Timothée de Saint-Albin is generating new interest in Colombia’s patrimony and printed heritage.

Rockets and the damned

French Guyane is an outpost of European civility in South America, home to rocket scientists and a notorious prison colony.

Murillo: Mules in our midst

Off the beaten path, time seems to have passed Murillo by. With its mountain chills and soft Andean light, this corner of Tolima is very old-style Colombia.

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