In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

Colombia: Sizing up to “size”

An unusual study puts Colombian men ahead of their global peers, when it comes to penis size. Colombia makes a different "Green List".
Colombia and the Korean War

Colombia’s legacy with Korea

As tensions escalate between the two Koreas, rhetoric recalls the brave role of Colombians during the Korean War.
Panche artwork

The lost Panches

Angel Martinéz dedicated 20 years to looking for traces of the lost Panche culture, which flourished in the Magdalena valley.
Emeralds mined in Muzo, Colombia

From Muzo emerald mine, Colombia’s ‘green fire’ goes global

Under foreign ownership, Colombia's Muzo emerald mine seeks to offer world-class emeralds without the occasionally violent tensions of the past.
One Bogota barrio keeps the chichi-making tradition alive.

Chicha: Bitter brew of history

A brew known as 'Chicha' was the link between man and the Gods, until Bogotá politicians tried to have it banned into oblivion.

Colombia’s Navy plans to establish permanent base on Antarctica

The Colombian Navy is heading to earth's southernmost continent to conduct scientific research on climate change. The Armada plans to establish a permanent base on Antarctica.
Pedro Ruiz

Pedro Ruiz: ‘gold’ standard

Artist Pedro Ruiz depicts in "Oro" scenes representing the beauty and complexity of traditional life and nature in Colombia.
Luis Soriano of the Biblioburro project.

Luis and his ‘Biblioburro’

Luis Soriano's epic journey with two donkeys to help children in the Magdalena have access to books.

The last journey of Jan Philip Braunisch

Swedish traveler Jan Philip Braunisch ventured into the Darien Gap on an adventure which would end in tragedy.

Valerie Meikle: The Lady of the Amazon

Valerie Meikle paddled 1,500 kms down the Putumayo. A story of endurance, personal loss and life in the Amazon rainforest is the subject of a poignant film.

On the trail of Colombia’s “Jaguar Corridor”

The Serranía de San Lucas is a vital corridor for the jaguar's survival, but illegal gold mining and mercury contamination threatens this endangered species.

Colombia: Fifty shades of parrot green

Colombia is parrot paradise, but many are hard to spot because their green matches their leafy homes. Ongoing threats to their habitats is endangering this rather feisty species.
Dr. Jorge Reynolds holds a model of a human heart

Colombia’s pioneer of the electric heart

From whales to nanotechnology, pacemaker inventor Dr. Jorge Reynolds' passion for the heart saved millions of lives and inspired a nation.
Beatríz Fernández, co-creator of Crepes & Waffles

Heart of success

For Beatríz Fernández, co-creator of Crepes & Waffles, love is key to the success of one of Colombia's largest companies.

The slow death of the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta

The Ciénaga Grande has been under threat since industrial agriculture arrived on the coastal lowlands. Today, the situation is even more critical given mega infrastructure.

Demining in Colombia: Rats to the rescue

Heroic rats are sniffing out landmines as an initiative by Apopo, an NGO that recently registered in Colombia to help with landmine detection.

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