In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

The search for little Toro in the Sierra Nevada

Thought to be extinct, a small rodent has been rediscovered in the Sierra Nevada and now focus of a major scientific expedition

García Márquez and the “forgotten” Macondo

On the eve of the second anniversary of the passing of Nobel Gabriel García Márquez, a Colombian writer returns to his native land to break the spell of "solitude."
The inhabitants of Aleppo in Syria has faces a bloody civil war for almost two years.

Morales: Frontline in Aleppo

Photojournalist Mauricio Morales got inside Syria’s besieged city of Aleppo to capture scenes of attrition and daily life amidst snipers and bombs.

A snapshot of a bygone Bogotá

A press conference during the height of the narco war, offers one journalist the opportunity to become a Colombian.

Letter from “Anonymous”: I was a prisoner of FARC

In a letter, one prominent businessman recalls how we has sold into captivity and endured 10 months as an "economic prisoner" of the Colombian guerrilla.

Video Journal from a FARC demobilization camp

Dutch photojournalist Niels Van Iperen on assignment for The City Paper sends this report from the FARC's demobilization camp in Icononzo, Tolima.

The Colombian chiva and Pineda’s mandalas in motion

Colombian photographer Carlos Pineda spent years documenting the art of chiva bus design in the coffee region to discover unique mandala designs.
The director of Semillas, German Vélez.

Defending our seeds

German Vélez is a defender of seeds and Colombia’s food autonomy. He spoke of the urgency of keeping our agriculture traditional.

Leyner Palacios: A leader of Colombian reconciliation recognized globally

Leyner Palacios has been nominated to one of the most prestigious humanitarian awards. The survivor of the 2002 Bojayá massacre started a grass roots campaign to recognize the rights of victims.
Natives of Colombia's Caquetá department met to establish their right to participate in government.

Reclaiming past and future in Colombia’s Amazon

A document drafted by 500 indigenous groups in Colombia's Caquetá department demands a role in policy decision-making.

Claudia Triana: “Colombia’s filmmakers are nation builders”

Colombia is open to international film production companies looking for a diversity in locations, professional crews believes ProImágenes' Claudia Triana.

Ruby Rumié: The artist of our living patrimony

Artist Ruby Rumié’s representation of palenqueras is art-psychology. Thirty exceptional women who contribute to the living patrimony of this nation are part of her latest photographic project "Tejiendo Calle."
Record producer Chris Castagno in the Sierra Nevada.

Harmony in the jungle

Award-winning producer Chris Castagno moved his wife and son to the Sierra Nevada and records music in a unique jungle studio.

Colombia’s parks in the post-conflict

The Environment Ministry embarks on a plan to safeguard this country’s animal and plant kingdoms for the post-conflict.
Cesar Lopez with his escopetarra

Rock revolutionary

César López is a composer with a mission. His gun-guitar shows how music can replace the madness of war.

End of the Colombian ‘Marginal’ gives Amazon new lease on biodiversity

A mega highway project designed to unite Venezuela with Ecuador through the Colombian Amazon has been scrapped to save threatened biodiversity.