In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

Jose Padilha, director of Narcos

‘Narcos’: behind the scenes with director Jose Padilha

Netflix and director José Padilha revisit a bloody chapter in Colombia's history with the new prime time series Narcos.

Mambe series: Staying still to be smart with the plant

This month's mambe article explores the criminalization of an ancestral substance and misuse by those in search of its psychotropic effects.

Palm Oil: Colombia’s new drug?

Colombia has quickly gained ground as a world supplier of African Palm oil. A plant with far-reaching implications for the planet.

Colombia’s Humboldt Institute releases Biodiversity Tarot for conservation awareness

The Humboldt Institute has released a beautifully illustrated tarot deck to draw attention to Colombia’s endangered biodiversity. It also reads the future.

Esteban Cortázar: The designer who made Colombia fashionable.

Esteban Cortázar puts Colombia and its rich cultural diversity into his stunning fashion collections.
Alonso de Ojeda

The forgotten conquistador

Alonso de Ojeda named Venezuela and founded one of the first settlements in the Americas, but remains largely forgotten.

Alejandro Muñoz: Investigator of Colombia’s missing persons

A former humorist with a popular television show has dedicated more than two decades to finding missing persons in Colombia.

Colombia’s modern orchid traffickers

Colombia is the top location for orchids in the world, but about 50 percent of the native orchids are threatened by logging and illegal extraction by materos.

Colombia: Failed infrastructure and the “optimist” of our roads

The collapse of one of Colombia's Fourth Generation road engineering marvels, the Chirajara bridge, reveals an urgency to examine this country's infrastructure.
Nukak Maku people in Guaviare

Not all lost for the Nukak Makú

Only recently discovered, the nomadic Nukak Makú endured the nation's conflict and many live in refugee camps.
The gold raft exhibited in the Gold Museum of Bogota.

A legend that lives on

The quest for gold churned up plenty of mud and memories of Muisca mayhem. A brief history of a lake and a legend.
Cartagena International Music Festival

Julia Salvi: A commitment to classical Cartagena

After the 10th annual Cartagena International Music Festival this month, a look at the family who founded this celebration of classical music in the colonial city.
Transgender director of the Humboldt Foundation, Brigitte Baptiste.

Baptiste: The heels of Humboldt

At the Humboldt Institute, Brigitte Baptiste is committed to preserving Colombia’s biodiversity.
Colombia's Sierra Nevada indigenous people

For Colombia’s indigenous peoples, ‘invasion’ never ended

Seeking to heal the "Heart of the World" from the lingering impact of Columbus' invasion, indigenous communities closed Tayrona National Park for November.

San José: From Potosí to a shallow grave near Cartagena

Who gets to keep the treasure from the San José galleon is a recurring debate that has continental twists and turns, as well as a chain smoking deity in Bolivia smiling.

Colombia’s Chiribiquete aims for UNESCO’s prestigious recognition

Chiribiquete National Park has been proposed to UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage site. The largest of all protected parks in Colombia is also one of the most topographically diverse.