In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

Beatríz Fernández, co-creator of Crepes & Waffles

Heart of success

For Beatríz Fernández, co-creator of Crepes & Waffles, love is key to the success of one of Colombia's largest companies.
Colombia hip hop band ChocQuibTown release a new album this month.

Who is ChocQuibTown?

With a growing fan base thanks to a series of hit singles, ChocQuibTown are back with a new album which reaffirms their musical roots and love of the Chocó.

The slow death of the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta

The Ciénaga Grande has been under threat since industrial agriculture arrived on the coastal lowlands. Today, the situation is even more critical given mega infrastructure.

Venezuelan migrants face hardships on Cartagena’s streets

More than half a million Venezuelans have crossed into Colombia fleeing the economic and political collapse of the Nicolás Maduro regime. Cities across Colombia are receiving migrants, but work opportunities are scare.

Mystery on a Colombian mountain: the story of Señorita María

María Luisa Fuentes is the protagonist of a documentary by director Rubén Mendoza that follows the everyday trials of being a gender fluid person in a remote region of Colombia.
Colombian architect Simon Vélez believes in the benefits of eco-sustainable bamboo for building.

The man who went ‘bamboo’

From cathedrals to resorts, architect Simon Vélez builds monumental structures from resilient and beautiful bamboo.

Colombia’s legendary forests and a few mythical creatures

Colombia has plenty of pristine forest to conjure one's imagination. Several of them, even have mythical beasts.

Colegio Filadelfia: A Bogotá school where deaf learn leadership

Colegio Filadelfia Para Los Sordos was founded three decades ago by an American educator to provide quality education for deaf children in Bogotá.
Enrique Parejo

Surviving ‘Pablo’

Enrique Parejo endured the slaughter of colleagues during the M-19 attack on the Palace of Justice and survived an assassination attempt by Pablo Escobar.
Alvaro Soto

Álvaro Soto: Pioneer of the Sierra Nevada

Colombian anthropologist Alvaro Soto discovered the Ciudad Perdida in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta 40 years ago.
Animal rights activists Verne Dove and husband Troy Saville started the Colombia chapter of Sea Shepherd.

Our kind ‘Shepherds’

Founders of 'Sea Shepherd' Colombia veterinarians Dove and Saville have shared an invaluable lesson in the conservation of this nation's endangered species.

A band called Niche that forever changed salsa

Their sound would change salsa and the identity of Cali as a musical capital. As Grupo Niche reaches middle age, their future as a band remains unchallenged.

Demining in Colombia: Rats to the rescue

Heroic rats are sniffing out landmines as an initiative by Apopo, an NGO that recently registered in Colombia to help with landmine detection.

Ancient rituals to urban “high”: the rise and fall of Colombia’s intelligence plants

Considered a sacred plant for ceremonial rituals, the ground powder of the coca leaf, consumed as mambe, has found a mainstream audience among urbanites and unwary tourists.

Juan José Nieto Gil recognized as Colombia’s black president

A replica of Colombia's only black president is being displayed in Casa de Nariño, but the legacy of Juan José Nieto Gil remains one of abandonment and historical exclusion
High altitude wetland in Colombia.

Medicinal powers of a páramo

Colombia’s high altitude wetlands are home to rare herbs and medicinal plants used by communities for their curative elements.