In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

The Elders and a Huitoto healing

The Elders of the Huitoto are commemorating 30-years of the Colombian government's recognition of their ancestral territory.

Taking back Buenaventura

Community initiatives are helping to curb the violence in Colombia's most important port city.
The government has millions in assets from confiscated drug lords.

Narcolandia: Not for sale

Beautiful estates and extensive properties once owned by the kings of cocaine cartels remain entangled in a legal limbo.

As peace nears for Colombia, demobilized ex-combatants speak out

In Colombia, peace holds plenty of uncertainty for demobilized rebels and illegal combatants — as well as their neighbors.
Colombian president Jose Nieto Gil

Nieto Gil: Did Colombia whitewash the legacy of its only black President?

Colombia's 19th century black president José Nieto Gil's memory has all but been whitewashed" by subtle racism and political intrigue.

Juan José Nieto Gil recognized as Colombia’s black president

A replica of Colombia's only black president is being displayed in Casa de Nariño, but the legacy of Juan José Nieto Gil remains one of abandonment and historical exclusion

Pasos de Héroe: Uplifting film tribute to child landmine victims

Colombian film director Henry Rincón's debut feature "Pasos de Héroe" takes on the poignant theme of children landmine victims.

Colombia: A nation of percussionists

If you happen to have a tapping issue, compulsive or mild, you will find comfort in this rhythm nation.