Latin American

Latin American food in Bogotá, with reviews of Brazilian, Peruvian, Mexican, Argentinian and other restaurants with cuisine from across Latin America.

Interior of La Despensa restaurant.

La Despensa serves up peruvian in market ambience

The dining experience of La Despensa is accentuated by many settings; including an outdoor terrace for the casual "get together."

14 Inkas: Dining with ‘dynasty’

The monolithic structures of the peruvian restaurant 14 Inkas is home to a dining experience based on tradition.

Wine and dine like an Argentine

Some Argentinean newcomers are expanding wine scene in Bogotá and best enjoyed with the grilled meats.
Rafael restaurante peruviano Bogotá

Perfect Peruvian at Rafael

Rafael, in the Zona G showcases the absolute best of fine Peruvian gastronomy with succulent and exotic flavors.
The Mexican restaurant Agave Azul shows Chef Navarro's passion for passionfruit and peppers.

At Agave Azul

Chef Navarro's spicy dishes makes this Mexican restaurant a must on the city's gastronomy circuit.
Enjoy nights of live mariachi and fine Mexican food, at the Museo de Tequila.

Dining at the Tequila Museum

With 2,300 bottles of the Mexican agave, Bogotá's Museo del Tequila promises great Mexican cuisine and mariachi at your table.

Lunch at Caracol Azul

The famous Guayaquil seafood restaurant opens its doors in a renovated Rosales house and boasts an impressive selection of dishes.
Cantina y Punto

Bogotá’s new Mexican is a Cantina …y punto!

Bogotá's new Cantina y Punto serves up serious Mexican cuisine without the cliches and at reasonable prices.

A Peruvian renaissance in Quinta Camacho

A new menu at La Despensa de Quinta Camacho offers guests a return to its roots. Fine Peruvian served in a graceful setting with an attentiveness to service.
Steakhouses in Bogotá

Where’s the beef?

Bogotá may not be Colombia's beef capital, but there are still plenty of options when looking for a juicy steak.