It’s easy to find Azimos. You just need to follow your nose. This charming brunch place spreads its delightful smell of baking through the streets of La Macarena, one of the growing neighborhoods of Bogota.

Many Bogotanos already know the fresh pastries of Azimos (Cra. 5, No. 26- 64). The establishment opened in 2004 before expanding last year. Today, more than being a gourmet bakery, Azimos is also an organic shop, a conscious restaurant and a cozy café.

It features an open, wooden kitchen, a restaurant flooded with light, and alleys full of natural products. Marcela Velásquez, the founder of Azimos, made a trip to New York last year to get inspiration from other organic concepts. That’s why you can taste a little something of the Big Apple while having brunch. Today, Azimos is one of the rare places in Bogota where meat lovers and vegans can meet, eat, and chill at the same table.

Marcela saw the need for healthy nutrition rising in the capital for the past ten years. “Colombians are more aware of the importance of healthy eating than before,” she said. “The demand of organic, vegetarian, and local products is growing fast.”

Velásquez is motivated by the changing habits of her city and is happy to give people more options. “Azimos aims to contribute to its customers well-being through healthy and environmental-friendly food, while supporting the local and artisanal production,” explains Marcela. This ethical way of thinking reflects her philosophy of life. She believes that “conscious eating” creates interactions and community.

Whether you choose the Napolitan or Santandereano, the breakfast wont dis- appoint. Bogotanos and foreigners alike come to enjoy granolas with fresh fruits, organic scrambled eggs, soups, and croissants while reading their favorite news- paper. Depending on their mood, the quiche of the day can be served with a fresh juice, a chai tea, or a glass of Argentinean wine.

In the aisles of the delicatessen, Colombian artisanal products such as the delicious arepas de chocolo and vegetarian tamales live side by side with Belgian chocolates, Italian prosciuttos, and French Camemberts.

Velásquez is even considering expansion throughout Colombia. Maybe in the future, paisas, caleños or costeños will be able to enjoy the taste of Azimos in their own hometown.

Azimos. Cra. 5 No. 26- 64