Finding a good burger in Bogotá is a challenge even on the best of days. Admittedly there is choice among our patties and covering prices from “reasonable” to outrageous. When you start paying $30,000 pesos (USD $15.00) for a burger  – and often not including the fries – you are getting into treacherous territory, like much of the city’s real estate. Going up! Of course, if it’s ‘gourmet’ – it goes higher.

So much to my surprise and on the very pastry part of our Fifth Avenue – la Quinta – “ Sierra Nevada Shakes and Burgers,” churns out shakes and calls out the names of waiting customers when the burgers are wrapped and placed in plain paper bags.

Now being a fan of some of the best burgers in town – the Bogotá Beer Company’s Blue cheese and fries, I decided to test the standards of the new barrio burgers. I ordered a traditional Sierra Nevada ($13,900), which came accompanied with a soda and a box of thin cut fries. The pure beef patty weighed in at 175 grs and was cooked right. Given limited seating in the patio, I ordered take away.

On another of my “I don’t want to cook” trips to Carulla, I detoured and paced up the steps to Sierra Nevada. It was time for an all terrain Camino a la Sierra ($16,700) and chose a milkshake over soda. The burger once again came in very high on the burger meter. The shake could have been better, though. But heck, with these honest prices, Sierra Nevada is more than good value. It’s about freshness and a friendliness, and above all, a staff who enjoy flipping burgers for your barrio.

Cra 5 No.71  / Calle 90 No.14