It’s going to be an important night tonight when BogotAuctions opens the art auction season in the capital with its third edition. More than 50 works of Colombian art, and representative pieces from across Latin America will be exhibited at the Club El Nogal before going under the auctioneer’s gavel.

The third auction by the Bogotá auctioneers includes rare works by the Bavarian born Guillermo Wiedemann
(1905-1969), sculptor Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar (1922-2004), Beatriz González (b.1938), Leopoldo Richter (1896-1984) and Bernardo Salcedo (b.1939).

Among the many modern works which will pass into the hands of private collections after the auction is a Ramírez Villamizar’s “Manto emplumado” (feathered cloak) in which this artist explores plastic as an artistic
medium. Depictions of pre-Columbian cultures on four tiles are also for sale by Villamizar’s teacher, Leopoldo

From Richter’s cubist paintings to a Guillermo Wiedemann watercolor, and a fabric screen print by Gonzaléz,
there’s an impressive cross section of 20th century art going on the market, as well as more recent works by many an admired artist such as Gustavo Zalamea, Danilo Dueñas, Pedro Ruiz, Delcy Morelos, Ana Mercedes Hoyos, Kindi Llatju, David Manzur, Carol Young and Luz Helena Caballero.

Founded last year by Timothée de Saint Albin, Benjamin Creutzfeldt, Camilo Chico and José Darío Gutiérrez,
BogotAuctions is the only art auction house operating in the country and which has pulled-off two successful
sales of modern and contemporary art, thanks to very grounded criteria and the global experience of its organizers. If you are not able to make it to the Club El Nogal you can place a bid online at or “go live” with the event using the prestigious specialized art auction platform

All works are exhibited to the general public in the main gallery hall of the Club Nogal.
Carrera 7 No.78-96