Teatro Mayor launches in-person concerts with premieres by Colombian composers

Colombian pianist Mauricio Arias-Esguerra raises the curtain on Wednesday with the first in-person concert at the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo after the cultural center was closed 11 months ago with the government’s declaration of the coronavirus health emergency.

The first indoor concert at 7 p.m will premiere two works by Colombian composers, as well as Beethoven’s beloved Quasi una fantasia (Opus 27), known also as “Moonlight Sonata” and Chopin’s piano sonata No.3 (Opus 58).

The Colombian composers who will have their works interpreted by Arias-Esguerra are Pedro Sarmiento with La Sarta for piano, and Carolina Noguera Palau’s Danzas fugitivas (Fugitive Dances). The concert also includes a work by the Cartagena composer Jaime León of Preludes Made in U.S.A., and timely given that this year marks the centenary of his birth.

Known for his versatility as a pianist, Mauricio Arias-Esguerra is also the composer of Chameleon Rhapsody for piano, trumpet and orchestra, which he presented at Carnegie Hall in New York, and in Colombia, accompanying the National Symphony Orchestra, Corpas Symphony Orchestra and EAFIT Orchestra. He has also performed for audiences with critical acclaim in Europe, China and Australia.

Tickets for the first concert of 2021 at Teatro Mayor JMSD are priced between $30,000 pesos and $40,000 pesos.

Teatro Mayor – Calle Ave.170 No.67-51.