Teaching children how to read and draw with the works of Fernando Botero


Children learn to read through various mediums, with illustrated books creating a visual association with language. To help youngsters learn the alphabet, while at the same time, introducing them to the world of art, Colombia’s Central Bank – Banco de la República – created Abecedario Botero (ABCs of Botero). This online tool combines the 27 letters of the Spanish alphabet with illustrations by the Medellín-born artist Fernando Botero, and whose paintings and sculptures, are among the most important in 20th Century art.

Abecedario Botero also helps children with reading, writing and drawing skills and can be enjoyed both digitally or in a printed version. And to make the cognitive association easy for learning the alphabet, each letter is represented by objects, animals and characters from Botero’s extensive art repertoire.

The idea behind the project is for children to use the publication as art material, choosing their own colors and using the pages to create sentences. The book is also a wonderful tool for teachers and parents to educate boys and girls on how to read and write, using very Colombian imagery inspired by an artist who donated 85 paintings from his private collection to the Banco de la República, as well as 123 works of his own.

The collection of the Botero Museum turns 20 this year, and is one of the most important cultural landmarks in Bogotá, for tourists and locals alike. The publication is also very useful for foreigners taking their first language steps in Spanish, and an opportunity to relive the experience of having visited Museo Botero.

The publication was created by Mónica Piragauta Roldán and Diana Salas.

To download your free copy click on the link below and follow on Facebook and Instagram the museums of BanRep @museosbanrep



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